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My name is Chetmaan Tandan a professional Graphic designer, Blogger, Programmer. Now, I start my YouTube channel where I provide Graphic design and Blogging Tutorials. 

I started my Graphic design journey at 16 years old. At that time, Start my website and I provide all technology-related tips and tricks.

Now, I am a Full-time Graphic design, Blogger, and YouTuber. You can visit my YouTube channel Nepali Graphics where you can learn detailed information about graphic design, video editing, and animation.

How I Started

When I started my graphic design journey. I haven't any knowledge about Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.  I watch a graphic design tutorial on Youtube. 

I used Photoshop for creating different types of posters, Business cards, and thumbnails. I used Illustrator to create vector art, Ebook cover, Logo, and Icons. I create my different logos and icons. 

My best graphic design website like Freepik, Behance, Dribbble, and DeviantArt. I share my Design On Instagram, Behance. I can improve my graphic design skill and want to make better results.


I start my Nepali graphics website in blogger. You can learn detailed information about graphic design, Blogging, Programming, Digital marketing, and Tips and Tricks. 

I provide a Blogging tutorial on youtube about How to start a Blog? How to Grow? and How to earn money from Blogging?

I interest to learn about web development. I decide to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python, and PHP. 

This Programming language help to create a better website, Mobile, and desktop application.  

I want to Create my Web template for my Nepali Graphics website. I did complete different projects and Orders. I create a basic contact form, Calculator, Accordion, menu using HTML and CSS.

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