Top NEW Features Adobe Photoshop cc 2022

NEW Features Adobe Photoshop cc 2022. The new version of photoshop have many features like Harmonization, colorization, color transfer, landscape mix.


Adobe just released the latest photoshop cc 2022, 23.0.0 version. This new version of photoshop contains many features and update to new tools. All bugs and errors of the previous version are fixed. Now you use these latest features in photoshop cc 2021. If you have a creative cloud account then you can use these features otherwise you cannot get these features.

In this article, we will look at some of the most significant new features like the Object Finder, Neural Filters, Mask All Objects, and so much more.

1. Harmonization

Harmonization helps you to automatically match your subject layer into the background. This is not a cloud filter so, you can access this filter without the internet & it's processing on a device, not on the cloud.  You can use these features to match between two subjects. 

These features are available only for the latest photoshop version, 23.0.0. You can also do additional adjustments like playing with the colors playing with the saturation and the brightness.

It's a good starting point now the major drawback with this feature is that it is absolutely non-destructive even when the subject layer was a smart object. It made a duplicate of that and it rasterized it all.

2. Auto-Selections on Hover

The object selection tool allows you to create a selection around the object that you want to select. Photoshop automatically does it for you. But this feature makes it to the extremely next level Just turn on this new object finder checkbox and just hover over it. It automatically tells you what are objects it can select pretty much amazing.

To Activate select on a particular object, just click on it, and it creates a selection of it. If you want to check out all of the objects that we can select just click on this selectable button on the top panel and it shows you all of the selectable objects. The feature has a drawback it doesn't do pretty good with hair or fur.

3. Gradient Interpolation Options

Interpolation settings offer you new ways in which colors are blended in a gradient. We have a method section this is the new perceptual method is the new method from adobe. Adobe says creates a more natural blend now. Other options like linear and classic methods to blend the two or more colors.

This setting will display gradients in the most realistic way possible, simulating how humans perceive light blending together in the physical world. These are the default features on both the desktop and iPad. 

4. Content Credentials

One of the most essential features of photoshop 2022 is content credentials. You can go to the window and then open up content credentials that are available on the latest version & then turn on what it stores. 

When you export your image even as a jpeg it will have your name on it. It will have all of the assets that you use. It will have the things you have done to the image. 

5. Illustrator Interop

The previous version of photoshop has a smart object, pixel, shape layer, and path. But latest photoshop added layers options that you edit fill, stroke, blend mode, and opacity of vectors copy from illustrator.

This feature allows copy and pasting vector shapes like rectangles, polygons, circles, lines, and compound paths from Illustrator into Photoshop while maintaining editable features like fill, stroke, blend mode, and opacity. Photoshop automatically groups all vector layers and so, you can edit anything.

6. Share for Commenting

This feature will allow you to share your work for commenting whether you're collaborating or you want some public input. This is possible however it is only possible with photoshop cloud documents. 

You can share it with people by clicking on the share. You can share with individual people by typing their email or you can create a public link by choosing anyone with the link. You can also allow them to save a copy of this document.

In the new comments panel on both the desktop and iPad versions of Photoshop, you can quickly share your work for evaluation with clients and colleagues and receive their responses within Photoshop.

7. Landscape Mixer

The next feature is the landscape mixer allows to completely change the time of the day the season. If you have the greatest image with an amazing color tone and want to achieve a similar look in another image, then this filter is for you. 

Photoshop also provides a slider for Sunset, Winter, Autumn, and Summer. You can change everything you need to create. You can use these filters as background images. This landscape mixer is processed on your device so, you can get fast results. 

8. Improved Colorize

This time the colorize filter is much improved you can expect to see better default colors than the previous version also the UI has been rearranged. The new colorizing filter gives us more manual controls and that is output as a new color layer. The color layer of the blend mode is color. This will be given to the manually modified color layer.

9. Color Transfer

The next feature is color transfer and this also happens to be inside of neural filters. It allows you to transfer the color palette of one image to the other image creatively. It might not always work the way you want. It takes a color palette from the image and applies to your subject. You can Quick transfer image color or tone and achieve a similar look.