How to Sells Digital products in Creative Market?

Creative Market is the Graphic resources marketplace where the creators can sell their products and earn money. Many creators or designers open shop

What is a Creative market?

If You don't know about the creative market and How it Work? Don't worry I will explain everything that you need sells your digital product in the creative market. 

Creative Market is the Graphic resources marketplace where the creators can sell their products and earn money. Many creators or designers open shop on the creative market and earn passive income. Creative Market has more than 1 million users and over 3 million digital assets.

There are many features that offer by the creative market. Installable fonts, icons, website themes, clipart, UI kits, Photoshop brushes, stock images, 3D models, and much more are all offered inside this category of the creative market. 

Creative Market offers various product types:

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Website Themes
  • Fonts
  • Add-ons
  • 3D Models

How does Creative Market Work?


The creative market allows anyone can start to open their shop and share their products. There are various that the creative market offers to creators. creative market offer coin or token when you complete $30000 by selling your product. 

There are two methods to earn money through the creative market. The primary method is to open your shop. Open your shop is the primary method to earn money through the creative market. The creative market receives a 40% commission on each sale. 

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The second method is affiliate marketing or promotes their digital assets through an affiliate link. The creative market allows promoting their fonts, themes, 3D, Photos, and graphics by paying a little amount to an affiliate. 

You can promote their assets through your website or blog. When someone clicks and buys assets from the link, the Creative market provides some amount to the affiliate marketer. 

Why You sell your product on the Creative market?

Another important question that everyone asks is why you sell your product on a creative market? Creative Market is the best place for every creator that wants to sell their product without any frustration review and allows them to sell anytime. Here we list out some important features of the creative market: 

  • Various categories like Graphics, web themes, font, add-ons
  • No per-product approval:
  • Marketing tools, sales, traffic, and more. 
  • Easy payout method 
  • The free weekly newsletter offers
  • Easy to Sell your products
  • Add your products anytime after approved

FAQ about Creative Market

Can I Open a Creative market Shop without approval?

In the creative market, You need approval for your account to open the shop. You can create a portfolio on other design sites like Graphicriver, Esty, and Gumroad. After ready your portfolio work then you can apply to open shop.  Here you can read more about how to open the shop?

Is the Creative market best For Creators?

Creative Market is the best platform for creators to sell their products. The creative market offers many useful features to creators like marketing tools, set-up your own prices, No need for approval per product, easy to promote your product, and many more. 

How to sell products in the Creative market?

A creative market is the best way to sell your product and earn money. After getting approval in the creative market shop you can upload your product and easy to set your price range.

Is Creative Market free to use?

Creative Market is free for creators to sells their products. You don't need to pay money to approval your account or no need any extra pay for tools. You can add unlimited products without any limitations. Only Creative Market receives 40% common per sales. 

How to Upload Product in the Creative market?

You can upload your product like Graphics, themes, templates, fonts, and more. After getting approval you can easily upload your product. You can choose any price for your product. The creative market provides various tools and features to promote your sales.

How much commission Creative market take per sale?

The creative market takes a 40% commission per sale.