The 20 Modern Fonts Every Graphic Designer SHOULD TRY!

The 20 Modern Fonts Every Graphic Designer SHOULD TRY! When you working on client and personal projects like logo design you need to choose the right


Finding stylish and Modern fonts for your design can be the main struggle and time-consuming. When you working on client and personal projects like logo design you need to choose the right fonts. Choosing the right font helps to take your brand to the next level. We are deathly research on the internet for free modern fonts.

This is an updated article on the best free fonts. You can also see our previous article that provides free modern fonts. If You won't make your banner design next level you can also see our Banner design fonts.

In this article, We provide the best 20 modern fonts that you can use in your design. These 20 modern fonts are free to use for personal and commercial purposes. Every Graphic Designer should try in client and personal projects.

1. Bourbon Grotesque

Bourbon Grotesque

Jeremy Vesey designed the Bourbon Grotesque Font. This is a rounded sans serif display font that is free. This font is ideal for headlines and graphic design projects. Bourbon Grotesque is a clean typeface with a remarkable capacity to paint in a professional manner.

Download Font: Bourbon Grotesque

2. Open Sans


Open Sans font was designed by Steve Matteson. This is an elegant and modern sans serif typeface that uses in web and design projects. Open sans font comes with 10 different styles and both lower and uppercase. You can use open sans font for your web and mobile interface design. 

Download font: Open Sans

3. Lora


Lora font was designed by Cereal in Google font. Lora is a serif font that is perfect for headlines and fashion brand design. Lora is designed to look great on screen, but it also works well in print. It's a text typeface with a moderate contrast that works well for body text. 

This font comes with both lower and uppercase with an elegant-looking style. You can use this font for free and commercial purposes like print, web, and mobile applications.

Download font: Lora

4. Abril FatfaceAbril Fatface

Abril Fatface is the stylish serif font designed by type-together. This is a free font that included 18 different styles. If You are a fashion designer then Abril Fatface gives an elegant looking and bold in your design. 

Abril Fatface is ideal for use in advertising posters as a heavy titling typeface. This is a bold typeface that is used in web and mobile apps to create a strong impact on the page and attract the attention of the reader. 

Download Font: Abril Fatface

5. Akira Expandedakiraexpanded

Akira expanded is a modern and stylish sans serif typeface that is similar to or an alternative for integral CF. Akira gives your design a more modern and strong look. Akira Expanded is available in 3 different styles, each of which is ideal for headlines, web, print, moving pictures, and other applications.

This is a bold style, therefore use it as the headline text on a website or in a layout design. You use this font for personal and commercial purposes. 

Download Font: Akira Expanded

6. Bebas Neun

Bebas Neun

Bebas Neun was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. This is one of modern and elegant font which are suitable for Headlines, banners, and poster design. Bebas Neun is based on original bebas typoface. You can more Bebas Neun family and types from Bebasneun.

Download: Bebas Neun

7. Calvier


Calvier is the sans serif that uses for headline and Graphic design. Clavier is designed to provide a strong and elegant visual impact, mainly on headlines, logos, and posters. Calvier's has semi-humanist and semi-geometric elements, as well as sign language support. 

Calvier's come in four different weights. Regular, italic and hollow styles are available. The Calvier Sans Family creates an impact in print, video, news, and social media.  

Download font: Calvier Font
Premium Download: Creative Market

8. Hackney Vector

hackney -SVG

Hackney vector is the best sans serif font that is used for traveling and intro videos. Hackney comes in different file formats like SVG, PNG, TTF. Hackney Font Set is created to be a highly appealing hand-painted font. The brush-painted typeface with high-resolution files for every character.

Download font: Hackney Vector
Premium Download: Creative Market

9. Grifter


Grifter is the modern and elegant sans sarif font. This font is perfect for making a strong and visual impact. Grifter Sans Serif Font is a bold, aggressive, and trendy typeface that combines well in a variety of designs. This font includes both upper, lowercase, and glyphs. 

Download Font: Grifter

10. Gobold


Gobold is a stylish and modern sans serif font with 28 different fonts like bold, italic, and more. The balance of thickness and height makes Gobold ideal for headings, banners, flyers, name cards, as well as other software. 

Download: Gobold font

11. Gotham


Gotham is the geometric sans serif typeface design by American designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. This font comes in all 66 styles with the different variant packs. 

Many designers love to use this font. The font has both upper and lower case and perfectly use for banner and poster design.

Download Font: Gotham

12. Nexa


Nexa is another popular and modern font that designers use in web and design projects. Nexa font family include 9 weight and 36 fonts. Nexa is perfect for web designing, motion graphics, and logo design. Nexa comes with all upper, lowercase letters and all glypes.

The Nexa font family is ideal for headlines of various sizes as well as text blocks with maximum and minimum width and height. Nexa font types may be used in any form of graphic design, including digital, online, print, hard surfaces, textiles, posters, logos, and branding.

Download: Nexa font

13. Guldenz


GULDENZ is a futuristic and sans serif font family designed by Mlkwsn 2018. It is available in one style. You may use the GULDENZ font for your website or download it to your PC. 

Download: Guldenz font

14. Sugo Pro


Sugo Pro is the modern sans serif font designed by Francesco Canovaro.  This font comes with 20 fonts and 5 different font families. It was in two weights (normal and extra light) in 2006, and Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini used it as inspiration for the popular Zetafonts' Cocogoose Pro typeface. 

Download: Sugo Pro

15. Uni Sans

uni sans

Uni Sans is a trendy sans serif typeface that is available in 14 weights - seven uprights & seven italics. It has strong readability in both web and print design, well-finished geometric designs, efficient spacing, excellent web-font performance and legibility, and so on. 

The font family is best suited for headlines of all sizes, as well as text blocks in both min and max sizes.

Download: Uni Sans font

16. Shrimp

Shrimp Font is a stylish and unique geometric sans serif typeface with a single style. With a grotesk feel, the typeface is modern and humorous. It's ideal for print and web design.

Anton Darri Pálmarsson created it. Shrimp is ideal for posters, attention-grabbing headlines, strong messaging, and other creative tasks.

Download: Shrimp Font


17. Neon 


Another great font for creating a neon text look is neon font. This typeface is commonly used by designers to create a realistic glow effect in text. As the name implies, it is a neon light typeface designed in a continuous line style to work on neon signs. 

It may also be used in web banners after being converted to gif format, where the light can be turned on and off to draw the user's attention.

Download: Neon Font

18. HeyGuys! 

hey guys

Hey guys! is the Handwriting Font is a gorgeous and easy-to-read font. This typeface has smooth curves and lines with the flair of brush script handwriting. 

It is ideal for brand projects such as logos, social media posts, advertising, product packaging, product designs, labels, invitations, stationery, and many more.

Download: Hey Guys font

19. Zona Pro 

zona pro

Kostas Bartsokas designed Zona Pro, a sans serif simple and stylish font typeface with 9 variants and matching italics. The Zona Pro font draws bold inspiration from regular geometric style faces from the 1920s, with clear and highly readable forms. 

The type system combines heavier weights with a slight variation in stroke widths, giving it a unique and distinct appearance.

Download font: Zona Pro

20. Code Next


Code Next is the modern and clean sans serif font with 10 weights, 10 italics, and 2 variables fonts also code next has 1288 glypes. These fonts are appropriate for any modern-design in print, web, or display visualization. 

Code Next has been designed to go above and beyond, including Extended Latin, Extended Cyrillic, and Greek support.

Download font: Code Next


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