The Top 10 Fonts ideal for Banner Ad Design 2021

The website design, office layout, logo design, color scheme, etc., all play a role in making an image of your brand. Fonts ideal for Banner Ad Design


The popularity of a brand depends on multiple factors. The website design, office layout, logo design, color scheme, etc., all play a role in making an image of your brand. Similarly, Fonts determine how people perceive your brand’s personality.

Designers understand how vital an ideal font is for making a brand logo design and other graphics distinguished and memorable. With technology advancing every day and integrating with creativity, many design tools help you find the perfect font for your business.

Professional graphic designers cannot emphasize how effective font is in communicating the brand’s core value to the world. The ultimate goal of a business is to communicate and stand out amongst its competitors. A great font can prove to hit the bull’s eye. But choosing the best font can be tricky with a gamut of designs at your disposal. Let’s dive into the ten ideal fonts for banner advertising.

Different Types Of Fonts

Generally, fonts can be classified into four major types.


A well-known example of serif font type is Times New Roman. Generally, this category looks traditional, with minute lines attached at the end of each letter.

Sans Serif 

In contrast, Sans serif does not have any attachment at the end of the letter. Apart from this, it replicates Serif but with a twist of modern look. The best example is Calibri.


The Script is used to define all the fonts that are cursive in design and look handwritten. It is easy to identify such fonts as they have Script written after their name. For instance, the font Pacifico.


When extra attention is to be drawn towards a message, display fonts are the best choice. They are decorative, impactful, short, and to the point. The font, Permanent Maker, is an excellent example of a Display font.

Tips For Selecting An Ideal Font For Banner Ad Design

For an exceptional and intelligent Ad design, the selection of the perfect font is crucial. Here are few tips to keep in mind for finding the right font for your brand.


Your font must be readable and clear to the vast majority of people. Steer away from blurry and close-knitted fonts that can create confusion. Choose a well-developed font with easily recognizable characters.


All four kinds of font categories go with specific designs. As discussed, use Serif for traditional purposes, whereas you can use Sans Serif for a modern design. Similarly, for an artsy event, a Display font will work best.

Audience And Context

Getting a thorough idea of your target audience and the context of banner advertisement is vital for zeroing down on ideal font. You will be able to understand how the niche audience will perceive the design and text.

Use Multiple Fonts

Sticking to a single font for all your advertisement purposes is tough. It is advisable to combine various fonts to make the design appealing and attractive. You can keep creating different combinations over time to stay relevant.

Ten Best Font Ideas For Banner Ad Design

The below-mentioned fonts are used by many of the top professional graphic designers. 


This font is stylish and clear to read. You can incorporate it for projects that want to exude luxurious vibes. It is modern and unique, perfect for fashion, hotels, spas, etc. Caligna has options in uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuations.


Graphic designers use Helvetica intensively for professional projects. Over time, this font has garnered mixed reactions. Some argue that it is unique and straightforward, whereas others complain about tight spacing. It remains the most used font due to its adaptability.

Veteran Typewriter

One of the most stylish fonts that are readable and emulates typewriter quirks is Veteran Typewriter. Usually, it is used for titles only and comes under the type Serif. Designers use it for call-to-actions as well due to its appeal.

Advent Pro

The font offers seven different styles such as light, bold, thin,semi-bold, medium, and extra light. It goes well with a basic banner in the monochrome background. But with a variety of styles in it, you can use it on any banner.

Rock Salt

Rock salt font is popular amongst marketers for its innovative appearance over the digital space. Comic book advertisements for children can often be seen adorning this font. It comes only in uppercase and regular style.


The magazine of the same name first used Avant-Garde. As it gained popularity, it became an individual font. Due to its ideal alignment in letters, it is used for titles as well as logos.  

Source Serif Pro

This font is ideal for banners with lengthy text. It is elegant and readable, which makes it a perfect choice for most banner advertisements. You can use this on shorter texts, as well as it compliments every type of banner copy.


Sacramento is a Script typeface that emulates human handwriting with round and classy letters. This traditional font compliments both title and body text in a banner. It also has an italic typeface that has a rightward slant known as Parisienne Script.


It is a decorative geometric font that can be used for titles, labels, logos, etc. A short body text can also be conveyed in Poiret-One. Use it in lowercase for more appeal, simplicity, and straightforwardness. 

Gill Sans

It is an evergreen font designed by Eric Gill in 1916. Many penguin books use it for their book titles. In the start, it was used to blend a modern look with a classic one.

Wrapping Up

A font can make or break the charm of your banner Ad design. With these top ten ideal fonts, you can be assured to make the best use of your creativity on other important design aspects. Consider the selection tips and combine a few fonts to have your idea flowing on the banner.

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