5 Techniques to Convert Low Resolution Photo into High Resolution in Photoshop?

In this article, You will learn how to convert low resolution photo into high resolution using photoshop 5 techniques and tools.

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Whether you are working on freelancing with clients or repairing old photos you must know about these 5 techniques. This will helps you to convert your low-resolution images into high resolution. 

This article will discuss the photoshop techniques that can be used to convert your low-quality image into high quality. If your beginner in Photoshop, don't worry I will share easy steps.  

1. Technology Preview

The technology preview is the coolest feature of photoshop that helps preserve important details and texture while resizing your low-quality image.

When you upscaling any subject in photoshop, technology preview must be the best choice to increase the resolution of any image. You can learn more about technology preview and how it works then check out adobe help.

How to use Technology Preview in Photoshop?

  • Go to Edit > Preference > Click Technology Preview
  • Import Your image
  • Go to Edit Image tabs > select image size
  • You can increase any size by choosing a technology preview Resample. 

2. High Pass

 High Pass is another method to improve the low-quality images. High Pass use to make images more sharpening edge and look more natural.  

This filter can be applied to hold the subject. This filter use for many poster designs for making them more crunchy and look better. It converts soft-edged not hard-edged. 

How to Use High pass in Photoshop? 

  • Import your image
  • Convert it into a smart object
  • Duplicate your image for applied High Pass
  • Go to Filter > other > choose High Pass 
  • You can select the value around 1 to 5 or according to your requirement.
  • Click OK. Now You can change blend mode into the overlay. 

3. Change the canvas Size

Also, increase the canvas size e in photoshop helps to increase the resolution of the image. You can choose any size of canvas and enlarge your image according to your document. 

After increasing the size of the canvas you can manually sharpen and retouch over the subject. Sometimes you use this method for medium resolution images. I personally use this method when I shot photos from mobile. 

4. Sharpen and Enhance your image

Sharpen is also a useful method to make quality photos. Many photo manuplication artists use this tool or technique to make it better. There are many ways to sharpening your image in Photoshop. 

Other Graphics Design Tips

You can use an unsharp mask, smart sharpen, or High pass. You can try this technique in Photoshop. In the end, results in your image are looking better and crunchy. 

5. Manual Retoching subject

This technique is not much helpful to increase image resolution. But, It helps to make increase image quality. Many tutorials that you watch on youtube about how to retouching skin.

In Photoshop, the Dodge tool, burns tool, Brush, selection, and mask tool use to retouching the skin. You can also learn about how to make skin smooth in Photoshop. Must of my low-resolution image retouching using blending mode, high pass, and blur tool. 

List of Retouching Tools

  • Brush Tool
  • Regular Healing brush
  • Clone Stamp tool
  • Dodge & Burn tool
  • Selection tool
  • Mask
  • High Pass 
  • Unsharpen mask
  • Blending mode
  • Mixed brush

If you beginner in Photo Retouching and Photo manipulation, you can practice with basics tools like in lists. You can subscribe and watch Tips and tricks about skin smoothing. 

When you learn about retouching and photo manuplication then you must learn How to find light direction? how to add light to the subject? 

FAQ about Photoshop

1. Is an online tool help Increase the resolution of photos? 

Many online tools help to increase image resolution by using the best ai technology. You can check out all these websites lists below. 

11. Best Online Photo Enhancing Tool

  • Let's Enhance 
  • Imglarger
  • Deep-image.ai
  • Fix the Photo 
  • Fix Picture

2. Does High Pass and Unsharpen mask help to improve picture quality? 

The image can be sharpened by using the High Pass and Unsharpen masks. These tools can be used in any design. It also aids in improving the quality of your images.

3. How to Retouching Photo In Photoshop? 

Here are some steps to retouching photos in Photoshop. You can also watch videos on YOutube for more improvement in skin retouching. 

1. Minimal adjustment & Arrange the image
2. Remove blemishes using a Regular healing brush tool. 
3.  You can follow this video. 

4. Can I need to Learn Dodge and Burn 

This is a must-use tool in photoshop for photo manuplication. Dodge tool & Burn tool helps to add light and darken in the image. These tools are based on a traditional darkroom technique to control exposure in particular areas

5. Which Tools in Photoshop are used in photo Manipulation?

  • Brush Tool
  • Dodge and Brun tool
  • Clone stamp tool
  • Lasso tool
  • Quick selection tool
  • Mask & Channel
  • Blending modes


6. How to remove Blemishes in Photoshop?

Spot healing and regular healing brush tools help to remove skin blemishes easily. When you start retouching skin, first you can remove all spots, marks for an easy further process. 

10. Does Technology Preview helps in Photoshop

When You increase image size in Photoshop, It does not look real. By choosing technology preview sampling, It makes Enlarge your image resolution by sampling images based on AI technology.