How to Convert SVG Icons into Web Font icons?

You will become an expert in SVG and how to convert SVG icons into web fonts. You don't need to invest money in any CDN companies.

Whether you're a web and app developer or simply want to make a website that looks like Font Awesome, you've come to the right place. In this article, You will become an expert in SVG and how to convert SVG icons into web fonts. Before move on main topics makes sure to bookmark this article.

After Researching how to use SVG icons as web fonts icons.  I will share my complete information in this blog. Many web developer and Icons designer want to create own web icons library. 

But, Must of people don't know how to create their own CDN link to use all these library icons with a single font code. In this method, You don't need to invest money in any CDN companies. You can collect or create all SVG sets to generated into web fonts icons.

What is SVG?

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics which are used in a website, app, and logo design. The World Wide Web Consortium created SVG as an open standard format (W3C). Many Vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Inkscape support SVG formats. 

You can use this software to create all your necessary SVG icons for web development projects. SVG is great for high-quality images because it can be scaled to ANY size.

How to Use SVG in web design Projects?

Almost all websites used SVG icons and Shape to design layouts. If you are a web developer or web designer you need to learn how to create and use SVG in web development projects. 

Method 1: There are many ways to use SVG on a website. You can use directly SVG images as other PNG and JPG images. You can Upload your SVG image into hosting and link your SVG image to the website.

Method 2: The relevant way to use SVG images in your website is to convert SVG into HTML code. This method allows editing all SVG colors, shapes, and sizes. You can also animated SVG images using the CSS animation property.

How to Convert SVG icons into Web fonts?

Finally, we are moving into the main topics. You can get many websites, where you can create your SVG icons into web fonts icons. But, helps to provide Your own CDN links and Icons links. 





Initial Release

Novembar 2011

Support Format

SVG, PDF, Polymer, XAML


Icons Library


Convert SVG to Font


We can cover everything about how to use IconMoon and how to generate SVG Icon into web fonts. First, you need to sign up with your Email and Password. Then Verified your email for further process.

Why Choose IcoMoon For Gernarte web fonts icons?

  • Complete free to use
  • Quick Usage links
  • Import Your own SVG icons 
  • You can create your own free library
  • +4400 Premium Icons packs
  • Covert SVG, PDF, and more
  • Inline SVG
  • Most important it is totally free to use.

How to Use IcoMoon?

  • Sign Up with your Email.
  • Go to IcoMoon App 
  • You can create your own Library
  • Import Your Icons by click on the import button. You can only import vector graphics formats such SVG, PDF, and more. Don't use PNG and JPED files. 
  • IconMoon Gives your a complete tool to edit your Icons. You can Crop, Rename, and add tags names of icons.
  • Click on Generate Font At the bottom navigation.
  • Now, You IcoMoon Provides Quick Usage CDN and  HTML, CSS code to use in Your website.
  • You can paste Quick CDN into Your Website Head section.

These are the basics steps of how you can create your own web fonts using IcoMoon. Also, you can create web fonts icons using NodeJS. Most popular websites like Font awesome use Cloud Flare to deliver all web fonts icons.

FAQ about Web Fonts

What is CDN?

The word CDN refers to the geographical distribution of servers for the purpose of creating fast and high-performance websites and apps. CDN stands for Content delivery or distributed networks.

What is IconMoon Website?

IconMoon is the freemium service for converting SVG files into Web fonts. This website provides CDN links and HTML, and CSS import links. You can create your own icon library for your web designing projects.

Which CDN company does Font Awesome use?

Font Awesome uses Cloudflare CDN to deliver all icons fast. Cloudflare is a fast and most popular CDN company with freemium support.