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Photoshop Plugins are the extended capabilities of editing your photo. It is a small program that you can directly install from the creative cloud.


Photoshop Plugins helps to increase the capabilities of Photoshop. Graphic designers use many photoshop plugins for easy retouching and add extra lighting in photos. These plugins also help to increase your productivity and skill. 

For all these plugins included in this article, that I used for many years. These plugins are free to use for the latest photoshop or cc versions. You can download and install this plugin directly from your computer or from the Creative Cloud app. 

What are Photoshop Plugins?

Photoshop Plugins are the extended capabilities of editing your photo. It is a small program that you can directly install from the creative cloud. 

All the plugins have different functions and AI systems. You can use this plugin to balance the lighting of your Photos. 

Here in this section, you will find the list of photoshop plugins for photo Retouching. These plugins also use for making film posters and banners. 

1. Topaz Clean

topaz clean

Topaz clean is the best photoshop plugin for convert simple images into a vector look or smooth texture. This plugin use for making movies banner and posters. It helps to create clean and smooth skin in one click. 

There are many ways to create this type of vector look in Photoshop. It is an easy way to create realistic vector photos. Photoshop filters, blending modes, and some adjustment layers help to get these types of effects. 

This software was originally created by Topaz Labs. You can download this plugin from topaz labs website. 

2. Portraiture


It is also a skin retouching plugin for Photoshop. Portraiture is also similar to our first plugins. It quickly analysis the subject and gets high-quality skin retouching results. 

Using this plugin, You don't need to use multiple skin retouching tools and modes in Photoshop. The portraiture reduces specific masking and pixel-by-pixel boring manual work. 

Pixel treatments for portrait re-touching help you achieve excellence. Its Smoothes intelligently and eliminates flaws while maintaining skin texture. Other portrait details of importance like the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.

3. Topaz Adjust


Topaz adjust is the best image color correction plugin in Photoshop. Topaz adjusts AI automatically to adjust the highlight, shadow, brightness, and contrast of the image. 

This plugin's best choice for all photographers helps to quickly enhance your photo quality. The Topaz adjust works with any sky landscape, forest, and portraits images. Most of the time in Photoshop, I used this plugin to adjusting images. 

The plugins come with various presents. The main features of this plugin help to enhance and bring clarity, colors, shadow, and contrast to your images. 

4. Camera Raw 

The Camera raw filter is a powerful Photoshop plugin that helps to manually adjust image color correction perfectly. Most photographers and designers know about camera raw filters. 

This plugin gives various adjustment controls like contrast, temperature, brightness, saturation, B&W, and more.  You can enhance more lighting and contrast using this plugin. 

When you finish your artwork, Finally you applied your own camera raw filter adjustments. This plugin is also helpful in photo manuplication. This provides more control than photoshop to adjust the images.  

5. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is the next-generation photo editing software plugin developed by Skylum available for Windows and macOS. You can use Luminar AI as a plugin for adobe lightroom and photoshop. Using this plugin you can convert boring images into more dramatic and filmy looks. 

This plugin helps to match the lighting sources and remove the sky easily in one click. Luminar has over 70 filters, ranging from black-and-white options to Soft Portrait and Golden Hour. 

Luminar includes a long list of LUTs divided into four categories: Cinematic, Creative, Cross Processing, and Portrait Toning. You can change the contrast and saturation of LUTs loaded from external sources. Luminar has improved since our first review, with catalog search, AI Sky Replacement, AI Structure, AI Skin Enhancer, and Portrait Enhancer among the new features. 

6. Optics Boris Fx

For over 20 years leading software developer, Boris FX has made its mark on the film and television industry. Optics is a collection of 160 plugins for Photoshop. Featuring thousands of customizable presets; ranging from color correction and image editing. To invisible repairs too beautiful, stylized looks and effects. The definitive digital toolbox for digital photography. 

Optics is now available as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and also includes a standalone application for MacOS and Windows. Optics is simple to use and produces stunning results. Enhance your pictures, while maintaining flexibility and creativity. Simulate real-world optical glass camera filters and lighting gels. 

Use the Film Lab category to simulate optical lab processes or recreate classic and modern film stocks. The Optics light category contains over 30 different filters and features Sapphire’s LensFlare, widely used in some of Hollywood’s biggest films. 

7. Infinite Texture

Image credit: Infinite texture

Infinite Texture panel provides 70,000 high-quality textures directly in photoshop. This texture overlays automatically add in your layers with predefined blend modes. 

Also, infinite texture helps to search for simpler textures within a second. This panel contains various organized texture groups, which easy to find the right texture overlays. 

Infinite texture use Ai randomness slider, which helps find all similar texture. You can directly download these Plugins from the official website of infinite texture. 

FAQ about Photoshop Plugins

Can I use Photoshop Plugins with Creative cloud? 

You can directly download and use all necessary Plugins from any website. Don't need to download and install photoshop Plugins from the creative cloud. 

What are Photoshop Plugins? 

Photoshop Plugins is a small program that helps to improve photo manuplication and design speed. This Plugin comes with AI technology which helps to automatically convert your original artwork into realism. 

Do Photoshop Plugins helpful? 

Using Plugins, you can easily create realistic shadows within seconds. but If You do a manual to create shadows. It takes more time to create the same as Plugins.

Best Photoshop Plugins for Photography

  • Luminar 4
  • Infinite color
  • RH hover color picker
  • Blow up 3
  • Camera Raw Filter
  • Noiseless

How to create photoshop Plugins? 

Adobe provides photoshop SDK which means software development kit's which helps to developers to build photoshop panel, and Plugins. Photoshop SDK provides all documentation for photoshop API and steps by step guide for creating your own first Plugins.