9 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Blog Ideas in 2021

Keyword Research is the way of finding the right keyword that helps to optimize the search engine. For creating a new website, You need to research


Keyword research isn't about search volume. I'll even argue that it's not entirely about traffic either. It's about choosing topics that potential customers are searching for, serving their needs, and eventually converting them into customers.

In this article, you will learn the 15 best free keyword research tools that help you to find unlimited high CPC and ranking keyword. These keyword research tools are different features and functionality and user interface. 

What is Keyword Research? 

Keyword Research is the way of finding the right keyword that helps to optimize the search engine. For creating a new website, You need to research the high search volume keyword to generate more traffics on your site. 

Keyword research not only helps to increase blog traffics, but it helps to increase your ads revenue. We are going to further detail-free keyword research tools and how to use them for our blog. 

1. WordTracker


Word Tracker is the Free alternative keyword research tool for Google keyword planners. Word Tracker is my favorite keyword research tool that I usually use in my blog. 

It is a very trusted and powerful tool that delivers high-quality latest information. Using Word tracker tools you can get a ton of keyword lists. 

This tool provides all SEO tips within seconds. More than 320 million keywords store in the word tracker database. You quickly searching relevant keywords for your blog posts. 

Features of WordTracker

  • Quickly find a portable niche market
  • A ton of high Ranking keyword list
  • Easy to target all countries
  • You can easily create lone tail keyword using word tracker lists
  • Word tracker provide Amazon, YouTube, and popular search engine keyword. 
  • East to find searching volume and trends. 

Whether you want to generate more Traffics and find profitable niche marketing then word tracker is perfect for you. Word Tracker is a free tool but with more keywords and features you can buy a word tracker Premium subscription. 

2. Uber Suggests


Uber suggests gives you new keyword ideas and audit your site. This is a free SEO tool that is used for various purposes. Neil Patel expands the features of ubersuggest who are SEO and content specialist. 

The originally founded as a tool is scraped Google suggests term, uber suggests. This tool also uses to analyze the on-page SEO of any site. It provides all SEO tips and Details like monthly organic Traffics, SEO score, backings, and keywords. 

Features of UberSuggest

Generally Ubersuggest use for keyword research, competitors analysis, and SEO analysis of any website. Also, you can use these tools to check domain authority, total backings, keywords, and content ideas. 

These tools also offer paid features with unlimited use. You can only use it three times per day with the free account. As a beginner, you don't need to use premium features for SEO. 

How to use Uber suggests as keywords Research?

Uber suggests is the best choice for you to generates content ideas and keyword phrases. Here are some steps that definitely help you to learn more about the Ubersuggests tool.

Step1: Search ubersuggest tool

Step2: You can enter any keyword in input fill or your domain name.

Step3: Register for 7 days Free trial. You can also buy paid features for more easy search any keyword or SEO analysis without any limitation.

Step4:  Now, You can get overviews of all Search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and CPC of keywords. Also, you can get more important suggestions for making strong content.

3. Keyword Everywhere


Keyword Everywhere is the freemium chrome and firefox extension which helps to find the right keywords for your projects. You can only use this tool by adding an extension to your browser. 

Keyword everywhere comes with free and premium versions. In the free version, you can get essential features such as keyword widgets, traffics metrics, trends charts, and on-page analysis. 

This adds some extra useful features in premium tools such as accurate monthly Search Volume, CPC, volume data from the different engines like google, bing, and DockDockGo. You can import your keyword to see the total monthly search volume and CPC. 

How to use Keyword Everywhere? 

  • Go to Keyword Everywhere Site or Directly search on browser web store. 
  • Add extension in your browser
  • Signup and Get API key
  • Once you activate your account. Now you can use this tool
  • Search or important any keyword in search engines like Google, YouTube, and more. 
  • You can Get all keywords, CPC, and search volume in the right sidebar of the search engine. 

How much does Keyword Everywhere cost to use this paid version?

The average cost of keyword everywhere tool is 10$. Keyword Everywhere doesn't use a monthly subscription plan. You need to buy credits. This tool offers many credits where we can show in the table. 














5 Million



10 Million


According to keyword everywhere, " One credit gets you the volume, CPC, and competition of 12-month trend data for one keyword."

4. Answer The Public

Answer the public is the free keyword research tool that suggests high searchable keywords in the search cloud. These tools also provide alphabetical keywords from A-Z.

Answer the public also offers paid features in this tool. As beginners don't need to buy premium subscriptions. Most of the blogger use free plan and this tool don't have any restriction and limits. 

In paid plan, You can get many features such as daily unlimited searches, compare data over time, organized your search keywords, and easy to export your data. 

Features of Answer The Public

  • Monitor and get new suggestions
  • Helps to make long-tail keywords
  • Export High-Resolution Images
  • A-Z relates searches keyword. 
  • Unlimited search for the paid plan
  • and more.

Answer the public helps to guide you while creating your blog posts. This tool not only helps to find the right keyword but you can use this tool for creating long-tail keywords by download all data or manual typing. 

5. Key Search


Key Search is also a powerful keyword research tool that must of blogger using at an affordable price. This tool helps you to find the right keyword for your blog and determine which keyword is best for CPC and SEO. In 2015, Dan Pfeffer established Key Search. 

Key Search has always been to provide high-quality, easy-to-use SEO solutions to everyone at a cheap price. Key Search enables ordinary people and businesses to benefit from the same kind of research and data that were previously only available to major corporations and government organizations owing to expensive costs.

Features of Key Search

  • In-depth keyword  research
  • All about search volume, CPC, PPC, and score
  • Keyword Difficulty score
  • Easy to find all searchable keywords. 
  • It uses a user-friendly table and graphical data. 
  • You can also set different locations
  • And other many features that you can access in premium tool. 

A key Search is an easy tool for beginners in SEO and blogging. You can also use paid tool because it helps to give the most recommended tips and tricks related to how to choose the right keyword and content creation.

6. Keyword Tools dominator


Keyword tool dominator is the free Keyword Research Tool for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Etsy, Google, Walmart, and YouTube.  This tool helps you suggest the most relevant from all these popular search engines. 

It offers a wide range of tools for researching deep keywords on the above sites, Google Search, YouTube, Bing Search, and Google Shopping, using Google's, Amazon, Bing, and e-bay auto-complete databases.

Features of Keyword Tool Dominator

  • Keyword research for all popular search engines. 
  • Easy to create blog posts keyword
  • Free keyword research tool 
  • You can filter top-ranking pages
  • You can target your keyword in particular countries. 

For more information about how to buy paid tools and how to research keywords for different search engine platforms. Check out keyword tool dominator. It is recommended a tool for every beginner's blogger. 

7. Google Trends


Google Trends is the website created and owned by Google that uses to find the most trending and searchable keywords on the Google search engine. This helps to compare between two keywords. 

For example, you can compare keywords between Graphics design and Vector illustration. Many bloggers use this tool for finding the most trending search keywords. 

How to Find Keyword in Google Trends? 

  • Pick Main keywords
  • Select the target countries
  • Analyze Search volume trends
  • Compare two keywords

Google Trends uses Graphs to show the search trends. It supports many languages such as France, Chinese, Spanish and more. To use Google trends first you can identify your main keywords. 

8. Soolve


Soolve is a free keyword research tool. This tool helps you to find suggested and related keywords from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and YouTube.

Most of the time, I use this tool to create long-tail keywords from similar words. For about these tools and how to use these tools, you can check out this website. 

9. Biq intelligence


Biq is the AI-powered SEO Suite that is using for blog content ideas. Most of my blog topics that create by using this tool. 

This tool support free and premium subscription. Those who are beginners in blogging must use a free plan. Many features you can get in the free version like keyword and content ideas and other ranking Tips. 

Let talk about what features that you can use in this tool and how to use it for keyword ideas. 

  • It offers to optimized your blog content. 
  • To find the high searchable keyword. 
  • Find out where you look.
  • Uncover your untapped ranking potential.
  • Receive up-to-date ranking and traffic reports.
  • Find issues for featured snippets on your website.
  • It also offers ranking tracking. 
  • You can organize your data in BIQ

Keyword Intelligence: 

Keyword Intelligence is the powerful AI SEO tool offer by BIQ. This tool offers to find the most relevant keyword for blog posts. This tool also helps to target audiences from different countries. You can analyze the average CPC, search volume, and related keywords. 

Content Intelligence

It is the best content-optimized tool that helps to identify the problems in an article. This tool offers other many features like create user-friendly content, on-page SEO, and more way to rank on search engines. You can use this tool to optimize your blog content easily. 

Ranking Tracking

Ranking tracking is also a useful tool to monitor your website for ranking in search results. You can all SEO Tips and keyword movements, overall SEO progress with trusted data from search engines. 

FAQ about Keyword Research

Can I need to learn keyword research for SEO? 

Yes, You must learn the basics of keyword research techniques. Keyword research helps to improve your better search engine results.  

Can I use Keyword Research tools? 

Keyword Research tools help to provide more data from a search engine like search volume, CPC, PPC, and more search engine suggestions, etc. As beginners, No need to buy a premium keyword research tool. 

Is keyword research helps in SEO? 

Yes, Keyword research helps to find out the most relevant and suggested keyword for your blog. But, also you can create your own blog title and head by your own opinions. Main keywords must be included in your blog title to helps rank in search engines. 

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