Top 10 Professional Mobile Video Editing Apps for Beginners in 2021?

he video editing app helps you to edit, cut, and export your video easily. It is an effective way to show you content online. There are more than thou

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The video editing app helps you to edit, cut, and export your video easily. It is an effective way to show you content online. There are more than thousands of best video editing applications in the play store. However, we can find the right app to edit our projects.

Here's our roundup of the best video editors for Android right now in 2021. We're gonna take a look at the leading options after all of our in-depth testings and finish with a reveal of my top pick for best video editing app for Android.

But some applications with is paid or watermarks create a low-quality video on YouTube.  There are huge benefits while editing in Android or pad because it is fast and also provides a 3d effect on video.

Many video editor export uses PC to edit their video.  Because It helps to use VFX, masking, and chroma key or motion tracking, and other advanced features. For android users, need all these features in the android video editing application.

List of the video editing application


Video Editing App




Power Director


Viva Cut


You Cut


Fillmore Go


Viva Video


Cap Cut


Film Maker Pro





This is the list of 10 popular and most useful video editing software. You can choose your best app for making any kind of video. The features of this software 

Important note: If you directly download this video editing app from the Google Play store. Then You can export videos without a watermark. 

Download these apps from my Google drive because this is a premium app or you can access all resources of these apps and also you can render your video without a watermark.

1. Kinemaster


Kinemaste is a powerful and professional video editing apps for Andriod and iPhone mobile. This app is used for making various types of video like keyframe animation, Green screen, VFX, and effects. Kinemaste also uses for audio editing, voiceover, and man more.

KineMaster is totally free to use, but a KineMaster Premium subscription allows you to release even more! A subscription eliminates the watermark KineMaster and offers an ad-free experience. Read more by taping on the main screen with the crown button.

Find out why creators love KineMasters for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, and why it is being professionally used by journalists, educators, marketers, and vloggers! 

To edit and share your own astonishing videos, download KineMaster Automatically renews your subscriptions to KineMaster Premium unless you cancel Google Play.

Features of Kinemaster

  1. Project Files for Import and Export
  2. Cutting, Splitting, and Cutting your Videos
  3. Combine and modify videos, photos, stickers, special effects, text, etc.
  4. Add music, voice-overs, voice changes, and sound effects.
  5. Over 2,500 downloadable KineMaster Asset Store transitions, effects, videos & pictures, stickers, fonts, and animations
  6. Make great visual effects through reversing, speeding, slow-modification, and mixing modes
  7. Use color and color adjustments to distinguish your video
  8. Tools for color adjustment to correct and improve videos and pictures

2. Power Directorpower director

Power Director is the most popular and easy video editing software for android and iPhone devices. This is popularly known as an easy interface and provides all features such as edit, cut, tracks, visual effect, solid background, and more. 

Using this software help to make better color correction like brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and more. 

Power Director supports multiple videos and audio tracks which helps to make more convenient videos. You can also choose free power director color buckets in your video project. It is a free application, for more features you can buy the premium version. 

Features of  Power Director

  1. Easy to cut, edit and manage video and audio layers. 
  2. Provide high-quality presents, icons, stickers, and color blockers. 
  3. Power Director helps to make professional color corrections. 
  4. You can control all video and audio volumes. 
  5. Export your video in HD resolution like 2k and 4K. 
  6. You can easily share video footage on social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

3. VivaCut


Viva Cut is a pro-level video editing application for all users. This app provides all video editing tools and features as others included like power director and kinemaster. I personally use this app for making traveling videos and funny videos. 

You can apply all video effects like transition, glitch, text effects, stickers, and sound effects. As a premium membership, you can get highly pro video editing features excepts for general. You can easily drag and drop your clip footages into Timeline. 

Features of VivaCut

  • All basics video editing tools
  • Easy to add Dynamic transition in video
  • You can apply double exposure in video
  • Dynamics video filters
  • You can apply the Hollywood Chroma key  
  • Glitch video effects on video
  • You can add keyframe animation on your footages
  • Incredible video blending
  • Multilayer video editing supports
  • Easy to masking your two footages. 
  • High quality 3d & 2D Text

4. YouCut


You Cut allows you to fully utilize their tools to make a professional-looking video. You cut is the best video editing app for all users. This video editing apps helps to make professional social media and youtube videos. 

As full features of this app such as ease to a trimmer, join, and applied transition and video effect. It provides clean and elegant user-friendly tools icons and layout. As beginners, easily edit videos on these apps. 

Features of YouCut

  • YouCut provides trending filters for video. 
  • Basics Trim, Add video, stickers, effects, and music. 
  • Split the video footage
  • You can add transitions to your footage. 
  • Most trending video footages
  • Stock music searches online. 
  • Video filter and basics color correction
  • Easy to add animated high-quality stickers
  • You can control all over the speed of video

5. Filmora Go


Fimora Go is the best high-quality video editing app with all essential features like edit, cut, split, add and adjust video color, etc. Filmora Go is easy to use, and add all video effects in tracks. It provides an easy and user-friendly interface with clean and elegant icons and text. 

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Filmora Go mobile app special use for making social media video like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can directly upload your final video to social media. These cool templates, video effects, and transitions help make a more impressive video. 

Features of Filmora Go

  • Basics Video Editing tools
  • keyframe Animation tools help to animated any clips video
  • Stunning video effects and filters
  • You can share videos into YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram directly
  • Stock footage, music, and more
  • Easy to render video in Full HD quality
  • More than 200+ stickers and emojis for video
  • You can get basics video color correction tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpen. 

For more information about this application Go to the official wordershare site for more about the app. Wondershare regularly updates new features in the user interface and tools. 

6. Viva Video


Viva video is the free video editor app for android. This app allows importing multiple files such as video, photos, music, clips, and effects. The basics of video editing tools such as trim clip, cut, merge, and edit your video. 

This app is the same as other includes in this article. This app also supports keyframe animation so, you can animated png icons and clips. You can edit your videos into multiple layers.  

Some Features of Viva Video

  • Easy Interface
  • Easy to Create, Edit, and Export. 
  • You can animate your video clips. 
  • Basic Video, Audio, and icons editing.
  • Export your video into 4K HD quality
  • Other tools like text & effect, replace, loop, and volume of video and audio. 
  • And more & more. 

7. Cap Cut Video Editor


Cap Cut is also a popular video editing app for all android users. You can use this app for making social media shot videos. It provides all basics video editing features or tools such as add, edit, cut, and applied filters, blur, color correction. 

This app provides all video effects and filters and also you can edit all these effects manually. Cap Cut allows you to use their high-quality music and sound effects in your video. You can work with multiple layers or overlays your video clips. 

Features of Cap Cut

  • Edit, cut, and merge the multiple layers
  • High quality and performance
  • Based on Social media video editing
  • Beautiful high-quality video effects
  • Easy to add a transition between two clips
  • and more.

8.  Filmmaker Pro

film maker pro

The filmmaker is a free android video editing app with provides 2000+ Resouces. You can use all basics of advanced video editing tools like speed, filter, color correction, chroma key. You can add filmmaker assets like intro, music, clips, transitions, effects, and more for free.  

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9. Quik


Quik is the easy video editing app from Go Pro. This app allows you to quickly edit your video with ready-made Templates, effects, and transitions. You can use this app to create social media videos. 

More information about this app

Key Features of Quik

  • Working with multiple layers
  • Easy to add Videos, Photos, and music
  • Simple powerful tools and high performance
  • High-quality video clips templates
  • Amazing video templates and filters for free
  • Easy to optimize your  render footages
  • Render video as original footages

10. VITA


Vita is also the same as Go Pro Quik. In this app, You can freely access all-ready-made templates, text effects, transitions, and video effects. Import your clips and directly applied in ready-made templates. 

4. 2 Rating and more than 50 million people download this app. Using this app you can render your video full HD quality. You can add transition, glitch, filters, effects, and text to your timelines. 

Features of Vita APP

  • Highly optimized and system performance
  • You can edit your own vlog videos
  • You can edit your video with animated text, background, lower thirds, transition, and more. 
  • Easy basics color corrections
  • Multilayers track for videos, images, and music.