5 Characteristics Your Logo Design Must Possess to Attract Customers

As a business owner, you should consider your logo design very carefully and make sure it has all the essential qualities of impressive design.

Does Your Logo Have These Five Qualities?

According to a study, it takes only 50 ms for people to form an opinion or impression about design. This goes to show that business and brand owners have a very short span of time to make a strong and memorable impression on their target audience.

As a business owner, you should consider your logo design very carefully and make sure it has all the essential qualities of impressive design.

Now, you might be thinking about what they are and how you can incorporate them within the visual brand identity of your business.

Well, these are a few qualities that some of the most recognizable symbols in the world like Google’s wordmark and the emblem of Starbucks have. Does your logo?

1. Relevance to the Business 

One of the most important qualities of a good logo is its relevance to the brand or business. Basically, the design should be able to represent what the business is about and give the target audience an idea about the products and services it has to offer. 

5 Characteristics Your Logo Design
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A brand associated with the field of finance or technology should have soothing colors such as blue or green and icons like geometric shapes or a computer screen. 

If your logo is sending out a confusing message like childish imagery for a serious business, you might not be able to get it off the ground. 

So take this for example. A business that deals with people selling their old laptops online should have a clear-cut and highly relevant logo, featuring a laptop or computer. Without the right symbols, the target audience may find it difficult to figure out what the company is related to. 

2. Simplicity of Design

The logos which are simplistic and easy to understand have a higher chance of appealing to the consumers and connecting with them. Sometimes, there is a lot going on with the logos in terms of elements such as colors, fonts, images, and typography. 

With multiple color combinations, different fonts, or elaborate images, you could end up distracting the consumers or overwhelming them. 

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When it comes to the qualities of a visually powerful logo, simplicity is key. Think about Nike’s swoosh or the arches forming the ‘M’ of McDonald’s logo. These designs are so incredibly simple yet have a global appeal. 

People are able to recognize them across the globe and understand the message that each of these brands has sent to their audience. 

3. Creates a Lasting Impact 

When it comes to effective branding and marketing, the impact of the logo is very important. If it doesn’t bring out a positive response or strong feelings from the audience, then there might be some challenges in creating successful branding strategies. 

Credit: Coca Cola Company

A logo design that does not make a strong visual impact with the right colors and shapes may not attract a lot of attention from the target audience. So your website, social media pages, or merchandise such as clothes and bags might not lead to any success for your brand. Take the examples of the bitten apple of Apple and the flowing script of Coca-Cola. 

The brands have managed to create a lasting impact with their logo designs by choosing a suitable color scheme and typography that looks appealing at any place. 

4. Is Distinctive 

This is quite an essential quality to have in a logo. Since there is a lot of competition in the market and people have several options to choose from, your business needs to stand out.

Think about whether your logo is distinctive enough to catch the eye of the customer on digital and print mediums. Will people click on your page when they are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram? 

Credit: 1000logos.net

Is your logo able to make the consumer look back again when they pass it by on a billboard or in a magazine? Your brand symbol should be created in a way that instantly appeals to the audience and is able to differentiate your business from the others. Take a look at the graphics for FedEx for example. 

By now, you can probably tell what makes it so distinctive. Apart from the striking color scheme, the negative space between E and X forms an arrow that represents speed and accuracy. So the design stresses the brand values of the company and can be recognized anywhere. 

5. Scalability 

It is quite critical for a logo design to be scalable and fit to any size or dimensions without losing its appearance or quality. If the logo for your business gets stretched on a bigger screen or paper or cuts off when resized to a smaller version, you should make the appropriate changes to its design.

In order to make a strong and positive impact on the audience, you have to focus on versatility and scalability in a logo. Sometimes, the symbol might be displayed in black and white, or just a singular color, or on bigger spaces like billboards and smaller ones such as business cards. 

If it’s scalable, it might have the same appeal as its original design and adapt to the changes effectively.

Most of the well-known logos that you will come across are known for being scalable and versatile. From Microsoft to Adidas and Chanel, the logo designs can look appealing on-screen, in clothes, and in print. 

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To Sum Up 

These are some of the qualities that your logo might need to become successful in the market. If you think that one or two are missing in the design, you should try and include them in your final design before launching it for the audience.

Test on a group of people likes your employees, family, or friends so that you can get a better idea of consumer reaction. 

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