How to Add LinkedIn Cover story video? New Features to Every Profile Users

LinkedIn cover stories are a new feature that LinkedIn is rolling out to its users it's a video. You're given 20 seconds as a maximum duration for you

How to Add LinkedIn Cover story video? New Features to Every Profile Users

Linkedin is giving us 30 seconds of built-in video on our profiles that will tell profile viewers what we're all about as professionals, we're talking about the new LinkedIn cover story 

LinkedIn regularly updates new features in an app. In this article, You will learn about what is cover story video? And how to create a cover story video?  In the old LinkedIn app only you can add images or text you can include in this cover story. 

Every LinkedIn job seekers want to make more represent their information. You can use these features for regular updates yourself. Job seekers are the best opportunities to introduce yourself and sharing your goal and perspective. It helps to get more engagement and impressions in the LinkedIn profile. 

What it's all about how to use it and what you should be including in your LinkedIn cover story in order to stand out in your job search. I'm Chetmaan who helps Uplifting your creativity

What is a Linkedin Cover story Video?

This is the latest feature from the Linkedin app. This functionality is also available on Youtube and Facebook. Linkedin cover story video allows you to introduce your skills, experience, and more collaboration with your connection. Cover story videos help to increase your connections and engagement. 

Can I create a Cover story video? 

Every single user in LinkedIn can easily create a cover story video. You can only create videos in less than 20 seconds. You can updates the cover story video daily. Also, we discuss how LinkedIn story video works. 

How to Create LinkedIn Cover Story Video? 

It is very simple to create a LinkedIn COver story video. Follow this step to create a professional land modern-looking introduction video in less than 30 seconds. 


LinkedIn cover stories are a new feature that LinkedIn is rolling out to its users it's a video. You're given 20 seconds as a maximum duration for your cover story video. Your video lives on your LinkedIn profile where your profile picture is it doesn't replace it but it kind of Lives underneath.

So that when visitors go to your profile on mobile, they'll automatically get a short preview that's muted of your cover story. On desktop when they visit your profile while they scroll through they'll get that same short muted preview of your cover story.

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LinkedIn cover stories are an enhancement to your profile which means they definitely do not replace a complete and well-written LinkedIn profile and they most certainly do not replace the stories. 

You tell in your about section or your summary section for LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn in their announcements of LinkedIn cover stories.

Let discuss Linkedin cover stories, Creator mode, Pronoun fields, and Service page. These features help LinkedIn profile members to more represent their skills and goals. 

Creator mode

LinkedIn creator mode is a really new feature, and it's rolling out this week. And what it will do, it will do a couple of things. It's kind of like the creator mode on Instagram. So it will enable some features by default, and give you a couple of additional information.  

What you will do, will replace your Connect button as standard with your follow button and it will also prominently display the number of followers on your LinkedIn profile. Further, it will allow you to add hashtags to your LinkedIn profile

So people can easily identify what topics you are talking about. This will also make it probably more likely that you will be discoverable on those hashtags, having this content featured more frequently when you're using the same hashtags. 

Now, LinkedIn recently published this article where they're highlighting how this will look like. So let's have a look and see what this does. As you can see, it has a new Follow button by default. It will also display the number of followers on the profile itself.

Some Other Tips