What are The Top 10 High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022?

What is Digital Painting?

In simple words, "Digital painting is the process of making digital artwork using a tablet on a computer". This is done through Digital painting software, tablets, and brushes. The best digital painting software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, 3D paint, Clip studio paint, Krita, etc. 

Are you searching for a Free photoshop brush collection? There are millions of brush pack you can download from the internet. 

Download 44 Brushes packs: Click Here

In this article, you can get a 21+ high-resolution photoshop brush pack for  2020 free. If you digital artist then you need to know about these brush packs. 

Which software is best for Digital painting?

There is a lot of popular software available in the market for digital painting. In my personal choice, I select the top 5 Popular tools & software which are being used for digital artworks.

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Clip studio paint
  3. Krita
  4. Adobe illustrator
  5. GIMP

If you are using a creative cloud application then you easily access all brush packs recommends by cc members. These packs are totally different and help to create a digital painting, carton effect, gitch effect, and many more.

1. Aaron Griffin Art

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics
Image from: Deviant Art

Aaron griffin art comes from 121 high-quality brushes collections for photoshop. You can use this brush for different purposes like create the smoke effect, digital painting, portrait art, etc. 

For more information about this brush pack Go and visit Aaron Griffin Art deviant art profile. Make sure you should play with the original setting of these brushes. It gives a real painting effect in photoshop.

Designer: Aaron Griffin Art
Usage: Personal and commercial use

2. Sakimichan Packs

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

Sakimichan is the greatest brushed pack which included 56 brushes that he often likes the airbrush for skin and some other experiments. 

You can easily use this brush for free. He recommends playing around with brush setting at 70%-100% opacity with the pressure option on.

Designer: Sakimichan
Usage: Personal and commercial

Real Pencils was created by Soenanda member of deviant art. Real Pencil brush packs provide six sets of Photoshop included Mechanical pencil(HB), colored pencil, cover pencil, HB pencil, B pencil, 2B pencil. 

You can use this brush pack for drawing creative designs in Photoshop. You must be playing this brushed around with brush settings. 

Designer: Soenanda
Usage: Personal and commercial

4. Watercolor Brushes

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

This packs included 38 watercolor brushes. You can get thousand of water brushes on the internet. Once you download this file, you'll have to load them into the software. 

This watercolor brush gives you a real water effect playing with the default setting of this brush like opacity, pressure, flow, etc. If you don't use it with default settings, then it doesn't give you a real water effect.

Designer:  Brusheezy
Usage: Personal and commercial purpose

5. Photoshop Explosion Brushes

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

This is another useful Photoshop brush for creating your own photo manipulation and anything else. In explosion brushes, you can get 13 different brushes with different effects. 

You can use these brushes for making movies poster and personal designs. You must use this brush as per the default setting of this brush like smoothing, opacity, and flow of the brush.

Designer: Brusheezy
Usage: Free to use

6.  Abstract Brush packs

This is an abstract brush pack. In this brush, you can get 5 different brushes. You can use this brush for making abstract backgrounds, or create different structures. 

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

The flow of this brush is 100%, Opacity is 100%, and smoothing is 14%. For creating exact abstract background you must be playing around with the default settings

You can get other abstract brush packs on the internet. Also, download Fractal 6 brush packs. You can easily create unique shapes and background abstracts. Click here

Designer: -- 
Usage: For  Free and commercial 

7. Floral Design Packs

The floral design provides a high-quality brushes pack with a different shape. Floral design is the art of using flower and plants shape and outlines which are created for easy to create a custom shape in Photoshop. It provides provide different flower shape where you can use in your next projects.

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

Many talented designers create these high-quality photoshop brushes. These are the vector brushes create in Illustrator. The designer manual creates a brush's path using the pen tool and other brush-making tools.

Designer: Null
Usage: For personal and commercial

8. Calligraphic Brushes

Calligraphic brushes are also useful features for unification your design. In these brushes packs, you can get 18 brushes which are totally different and shape. To imports, these brushes, select the brush, click on import brushes, choose which one you like. Now, you can easily use these brushes.

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

This brush is perfect for creating borders and ornaments in your design. You can use this brushes pack for personal and commercial purposes. You don't need to pay money for these 18 calligraphic brushes.

9. Spark Brushes packs

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

These spark packs provide 8 different brushes where you can use this effect in cinematic poster design. This brush is compatible with Photoshop versions of CC (Creative cloud). If you using cs6 or other old versions then these brushes do not work properly. 

10. Special Effect Brushes

In this brush pack, you can get a free unique social shape that is most useful to use in your design. It provides 14 brushes which have different shape and settings. You must use this brush according to the default setting of this brush. 

21+ High Resolution Photoshop Brush packs for 2022 | Nepali Graphics

You can change the color of the brush but if you change setting such as flow, smoothing, and capacity then you don't get the exact effect of the brush.

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