Fletro Pro v5.5 Elegant Premium Blogger Template Download For Free

Fletro Pro v5.5 is the Fast loading and Clean blogger template. The design of this template is different from other blogger templates. In this template, you can get many features. In this article, we discuss Introduction of Fletro pro and their features and also you can download freely. This template is popular in 2021 and increases the use of templates. 

Fletro Pro v5.5 Elegant Premium Blogger Template Download For Free

Fletro pro was created by Jajo Desain. You can also help Jajo Desain by buying this template. Let discuss the features of this template. The core features of this template like Responsive design, Clean, SEO friendly, AdSense friendly, All SEO meta content, Image optimization, Dark mode, a full-width Search page with labels, Clean footer, etc. You can check the speed of these templates from Google speed insights. You can share your blog posts by pop-up animated social sharing box tool in this template. You don't need to add other third-party sharing scripts.

Features of this template

SEO friendly

This template is Search engine friendly. Your content and blog posts are shown in a reliable way. This template uses all SEO schema markup code. Search engines help to find your website and content easily. It optimized your website to rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing. More and more content informative results show in search engine.

Dark mode

In this template, you get a Dark mode that helps to change your website interface color into dark themes. You can easily set background, text, and icon color in the dark view. When you click on the moon icon then it changes into a dark theme and clicks on the sun icon it changes into the light theme.

Social sharing tool

It provides Pop up social sharing tools that help to share your blog article without using the third-party extension. It provides e many popular social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. It also more option like copy Article URL, and also you can directly send the article to other through email.

Auto Grid mode

Fletro pro v5.5. Provide auto Grid layout system. In this way, You can easily change blog posts layout into grid mode.  Your cache data are stored in the local system. so, your layout doesn't change when refreshing the web page. 

All SEO meta tags

Fletro Pro v5.5 provides all SEO meta content for your blogger template. There are many types of SEO meta tags like Title, description,  keyboard, and image meta tags. These SEO meta tags help to rank your website article, images, and products easily. In others, like Schema markup code for your organization, twitter card, and Blog posting. 

Adsence friendly

Fletro pro v5.5 is the AbSence friendly blogger template. Maybe in some cases in the blogger template, Google does not provide an AdSense account. Google can regular updates about AdSense policy. This template support Google auto ads, so, you don't need to manually add code into your website HTML. In this template, your ads show in the Top of features posts, sidebar section.

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  2. hey, can you help me, how to add AdSense Code into web when you Fletro template? I see a lot of widget HTML like show Ads but I don't understand how to put AdSense code in my web :(

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