Fletro Lite v5.5 Elegant Premium Blogger Template Download For Free

Fletro lite v 5.5 is the lightweight fast loading blogger template. You can check loading speed from the Google speed insights tool, Click here. In this article, we will discuss the core features of this template and how to Download Fletro lite v5.5? This template is created by Jago Desain which has a unique blogger template. If you want to get google AdSense approvals fast then you can use this template

Fletro Lite v5.5 Elegant Premium Blogger Template Download For Free

The core features of these templates such as Fast loading, Adsence friendly, Modern UI design, User experience,  fully customizable, Clean interface, Small HTML size, Sidebar ads section, Social share button, Full-width search box with labels, Header menu, Top ads section, etc.

This template is created by Jajo Desain. Jajodesain website provides a High-quality premium blogger template. You can check this if you want to buy the premium template.

Features of Fletro LIte v5.5

Fast loading

This is fast-loading AMP blogger templates. The result in Google speed insights like 90 in mobile devices and 99 in the desktop version. This template help to improve user experience and interaction. This template optimized your article, images by using image meta and alt tags.

Modern UI design

Fletro lite use modern Ui icon, Fonts, color, and layout. This helps to make a clean and minimal design. This is the best example for user experience and user interface.


Fletro lite is the responsive blogger template in any devices like mobile, tab, laptop, and desktop. Media query, flexbox, CSS Grid help to make a responsive website. Users can easily understand the layout and design of any device.

SEO Friendly

This template Provides all SEO pack in this template. It helps to optimized your image and blog posts. You don't need to generate SEO meta contents and Schema markup code.  The main SEO meta tags like Meta image, meta title, meta description, meta keyboard, Open graph, Site verification, canonical tags, etc.

Schema markup is the code that adds to your website that helps search engines return information results to users. There are many types of schema markup code like schema for your organization that help to show you company information in Google right sidebar, FAQ, BlogPosting, Product, Video, and receipts schema etc.

Pop up Social box

Fletro lite provides Pop up social sharing box. It has popular social media like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook. Tumblr etc. You don't need to add other third-party plugins and scripts.  

Adsence Friendly

Fletro lite it the AdSense friendly fast loading blogger template. If you use this template then you get google AdSense approvals easily. This template provides different layouts like sidebar, Top of features post, and article section.  

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