101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

Are you start to write blog posts in blogger. Blogger is the best platform to show your article and services. If you don't know about Programming language and want to download SEO and a responsive template for free. This Blogger templates pack helps to provide 100+ professional blogger templates. Blogger provides some default templates like Notable, Simple, Essential, Contempo, etc. 

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You need basics knowledge of HTML and CSS to edit any element, add and remove layout. If you start your blog in WordPress then don't need to edit HTML. easily drag and drop elements like button, text, and layout. 


List of templates


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There are more thousand blogger themes you can download from the internet. Only you can use Google AdSense auto ads when your templates should be user-friendly, Fast loaded, and Simple Interface. The main structure of Blogger templates simply the header, Main posts, Sidebar, and footer.

Magazine Blogger Templates

In this section, You can find all news and magazine blogger templates. In this template, you can easily show your information, Tip, and trick. These all are  Search engine friendly, responsive, and fully customizable. 

Covid-19 News

Covid -19 news the best beautiful blogger template. It is created by piki templates which provide different types of blogger templates. It is used for a news website. This is complete with various features like Dark mode, Top Headlines, Social icons, Top feature post, Email subscription, and Recent articles. It is a totally Responsive and user-friendly template. 

covid-19 news

The Covid-19 news is a professional-looking design. In this template, you can get all features to show you the news. If you buy the premium version of this template, Remove footer credit, Fast loading framework, for Unlimited domain use, lifetime support, 24-month premium support, SEO tag, and advanced Schema. org features,  latest font awesome icons, etc.

Speed Lighter 

It is the professional magazine and news blogger template. You can use this template for event blogging, News website, or other personal purposes. This template is a fast, Full SEO-friendly, and Responsive design. All the Buttons, Text, Link and elements are fully customizable and don't need any coding knowledge.  

speed lighter

The main features of this template such as a mega menu, Mobile sidebar, Full-width search bar, top responsive ads, full features of social icon, subscription button, and animated labels, etc.

Piki True Job

Piki true job is the professional and educational portal Blogger template. It is used for news, magazine, and educational purpose. It is fully user friendly and Search Engine friendly. There is a various automatic function like shortcode full width short with automatic buttons tables everything available and support in this template.

piki true job

In this template, You can get all SEO packs like meta title, Meta description, Robots.txt, Meta keyboard, and other social  SEO packs.  All the elements like text, button,  icon, and image can easily customizable. The main features of this template like top Breaking posts, Full-width search box, Responsive table content, animation new content, SEO packs, Fast loading.


Gnews is a professional-looking and user-friendly blogger template. It provides minimal and clean-looking Blog posts, top Features posts, mega menu, sidebar social icon, subscription Google burner, etc. It is perfectly used for magazine and news websites. If you looking for fast loading themes then Gnews is best for Your blog. Gnews is a modern UI design that easily customized the elements of your blog like text, button, header, link, and social icons.

gnews blogger templates

It uses HTML5 and CSS3 to make Modern looking web pages. Also, bootstraps help to make responsive on all devices like mobile, tabs, and computers. This template also perfect for technology and gadget niche blogs. It totally Searches Engine friendly, Ads ready, and supports all shortcodes.


Newspeed is a modern-looking blogger/BlogSpot template. It is used for the magazine, newspaper, sports, financial, technology, and food blogging.  Newsfeed is responsive, customizable so, you can easily style different elements and designs. HTML5 and CSS3 are used to make complete this template. IT is fast loading SEO-friendly blog template.


If you are looking for any news website blogger templates and easily get a Google AdSense account, then Newspeed is for you! Because it has several sections to add ads in strategic and optimized positions that do not require code editing.


G mag is my Favorite blogger template. It provides three different versions of themes; Default, Dark mode and RTL supported. In Default mode, you cannot get Dark mode and RTL supported. But, In this template, you can get different types of features like Top mega menu, Clean Search Bar, Top Features posts, Minimal Labels design, Systematically show you Posts and easy read article, etc. In other versions of Gmag like dark mode and RTL supported have similar features.


The templates are 100% Responsive design to all devices, SEO Friendly, One-click dark mode, Home page Ads, Awesome author box, Author social icons,  List categories, Facebook comments, SEO and Image optimized, Foote menu, Lifetime Template updates, Fully customizable of Fonts, title, and Colors.


Magpro is a responsive News & Magazine Blogger template. It is top selling Blogger template in 2020. Are want to make a news site and start to earn money then this template helpful for you. In this template, You get many features like Dark mode, Top Google AdSense, Top quick link and social icon, Search engine optimizable, User friendly, clean footer credit, 6 content blog-style, etc.


This template is made by using HTML5 and CSS3. The loading speed of this template is fast. Author profile detail with social links. It has many sections to include google ads, and banners, Easy to add a page, labels, popular posts, recent posts, and Disqus comments,s, etc.


One press is a professional magazine blogger template. It is fully customizable and so, it is unique features to add multiple layouts in a single home page. It also provides three versions of this template: default, Dark mode, and RTL supported. If you want to download the premium version of this template then all the premium support like lifetime access, fast loaded included dark mode, etc.


Now, we discuss the features and design of this template. modern-looking UX design, different ads section, Responsive sidebar, top quick link, and many more.

Sports Mag

Sports Mag is designed by the expose which has a modern-looking & responsive blogger template.  It is suitable for newspaper and magazine websites. Now we discuss the features of this template like It has the top quick link, social icon, Header logo template, right ads section, Hero section Features post, Five posts content-box style,  breadcrumb, etc. You can cover any topic by just adding the label to a specific category. It has a power slideshow number of featured posts widgets and much more.

sportsmagIt has static navigation, three-column layout, Font Awesome icons, automatic slider, top banner layout, Social sharing icons,  SEO optimized, CSS grid style, Easy to use and customized, Newsletter subscribes box, and many more.


This is a professional-looking and responsive blogger template. It also news and magazine template. The features such as the latest marque text slider, gradient hero section features posts, Top header ads, Quick link, Blog post section, Sidebar social counter icon,  right comment, and recent posts, dynamic footer posts, Discuss and Facebook comment plugins, etc.


This is a totally responsive and user-friendly blogger theme. You can get custom 404 pages, SEO packs, Image optimized, fast loading, SEO friendly, and many more.

Portfolio Blogger Templates

In this section, you provide all the best portfolio blogger templates. You can use this template for personal or commercial purposes. See all portfolio blogger templates.

Basil - Portfolio Blogger Template

Basil is Professional looking no.1 Portfolio blogger template. It has a modern-looking layout designed, Responsive, and SEO friendly.  This template provides different sections like home, service, works, portfolio, and about. It has a full-width Home page Image with a logo, social icons, and javascript auto text animation.

basil-blogger templates

In this template you get a sticky navbar with different sections like Home, portfolio, works, services, and contact us. You can download this template for free. It has a modern design with animation page loading. It is completely SEO-friendly and full customizable CSS variables.

Saas Blog

Saas blog Blogger template is the best template for showing your portfolio. In this template, You can get all features like a full-width home page, Modern footer credit, Embed Google map, recent posts, etc. It has completely Search engine friendly and provides all kinds of schema meta tags.

Saas blog

The UI design of this template is os amazing. I like it. It has a simple design but minimal and cool. In this template you can get the about us section, modern footer Link, sidebar contact us, copyright section. You can download this template for free.


Affiliation is the Professional looking Blogger template that you can use for your portfolio website. You can use this template for your blogger blog website. It has a modern hero section with a top Navigation link and hero blog introduction text. It provides different sections like your brand logo section, About, blog post, and modern footer section.

affiliation blogger templates

The cool thing about this template that this is looking like a WordPress website and you can use this template for your portfolio. It is the same as other portfolio templates like direction, basil, and Saas blog blogger templates. 


Director is the Minimal and modern-looking blogger template. This template is created by the Sora template. This template has a full-width Hero section, About section, Contact Us, Portfolio, and your hobbies section. If you have extra money they can invest in the premium version of this template. Every layout and element you can easily edit and customizable. 

Director blogger template

This template is specially created for photographers and Designer. It provides an animated intro while loading the website. Your project is shown in the Portfolio section. It is a fast and Searcheses engine-friendly blog template. Click this link to download this template.


Fenix is also a portfolio blogger template for free. It is used for your portfolio and shows your design and project. It has a beautiful fixed background image. In the second section, you can add your perfect specialize and the third section adds your working areas. You can show your creative work in the fourth section.

Fenix blogger template

It has a full-width Homepage with your blog title, drop-down menu, social icon, and short blog description. You can get a professional-looking Contact form in the footer section and easy to embed your google map area.

On Job

one job Blogger Template is outstanding amongst other portfolios Blogger subject that empowers you to make a simple expert portfolio site and deal with your blog. An interesting strong tone and exquisite present-day plan for inventive works. It likewise was made completely responsive, so your site would look wonderful on any gadget. It's an extraordinary decision! We attempt to set a huge number to improve and valuable.


It provides numerous features like Responsive, Google Testing Tool Validator Mobile Friendly, Custom 404 Page, Minimal, Portfolio, Clean Layout, Clear Design, Drop Down Menu, Social Sharing, HTML5 and CSS3, and Browser Compatibility


Simple Is A Portfolio, Business, And Personal One Page/Multipurpose Template For Blogger Built With Bootstrap. The Template Design Is Flat And Simple With Vibrant Colors And Custom Modules Specially Created For Easy Content Creation. You Can Change The Colors From The Layout. This Template Gives Better Browsing And Great Experience. 


You can use this template for whatever in any niche. It provides beautiful blog posts. It provides a custom 4040page. It is totally responsible for any devices.  this template was created by themes wear. You can use this template for free.


Folio is a responsive and Search engine-friendly blogger template. It has multiple sections like about, Skill, Your project, footer and what you offer section, etc. It shows a 2-3 second animated icon when the website loading. You can check all SEO health of this template through Google speed insights.


It has a modern and clean User interface. You can edit your JavaScript animated text. In this template, you can get amazing fonts. The main features of this template like Browser compatibility, HTML5, CSS3, Fast loading, Custom 404 page, and Ease of customizing.

Multipurpose Blogger Templates

Multipurpose blogger template is the best template where you can use for multiple niches like health, education, technology, fitness, news, and magazine. I  provide all this template with a practical purpose. in this template, you can use any of your niches. this is responsive and Search engine friendly.

Funnel SEO

Funnel SEO is the professional-looking multipurpose blogger template. You can use this template for any niche. In this template, You can get the Hero section with a vector image, and your blog title is shown, eBook Section, Features posts section, Tool section where you can add your best tools. It has a full-width footer section where you can add links and labels. 

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

The other features of this template like Fully SEO friendly, Search Engine friendly, Image optimizable, All SEO meta Tags, Schema markup codes in all sections like body, header, outer wrapper, Footer, etc. These shortcodes are helpful within the post wherever users will merely use our straightforward shortcode to point out selected button links another alert box and far more features.

Business Blogger Templates

In this section, You can get a business purpose blogger template. All the business-related layouts and designs you can get in this template. In business purpose, different types of modern looking layout you can easily customizable for improving you SEO and Fast loading.

Infinity - Business Template

Infinity is the Professional-looking business blogger template. In this template different section like Full-width home page, you can add you service, your project, portfolio, contact section, your brand logos, Team and subscribe section, etc. element has a parallax animation effect. This is a good example of the theme of the BlogSpot product portfolio. This is a new generation theme with many functions. 

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

It has built-in sections for blogs, projects, comments, services, information about us, contact details, achievements, etc. You can also add other functions to the homepage through design. This is a quick loading of a one-page theme containing code. Highly optimized responsive design. This theme is best for creating single-page pages for different fields (such as schools, universities, developers, web designers, graphic designers, musicians, writers, authors, celebrities, applications, software, etc.).

Technology Blogger Templates

In this section,  you can get a technology blogger template. This is a very clean and modern-looking template that I actually prefer who want to create their own Technology and gadget websites. 


LiteSpot is modern looking and tech blogger template. In this template, You can get many features like One-click dark mode, Header drop-down and mega menu, Latest slide posts, AdSense Friendly,  Sidebar neon labels, Different posts section Author Description with social profile, minimal footer credit, etc. You can check the speed of this template in the google speed insights tool. 

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

User friendly and user experience, and interactive template. This is responsive on any device. There are a lot of SEO packs used in different sections like header, footer, Article-wrapper, Outer-wrapper, widget, etc.

Grid Blogger Templates

In this section, You can get a Responsive and Grid blogger template. You can use these templates for your Portfolio or design blog. All the Your poster, banner, photographs can easily show systematically. And other coolest features are available in this template.

Monal Portfolio

Monal portfolio is a simple, minimal, and Clean Grid blogger template. The main features of this template like User-friendly, Clean, Responsive Image grid, Author Profile picture with description, Easy to add Instagram photos, overlap text animation, and Full-width article section.

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

YouTube Video Supported: This template also created thumbnails of YouTube videos. There is no need to add images to your video posts manually. Just add the embed code from YouTube and let this template do the rest. We have made post pages highly professional so that is suites your needs. The very first image of your post would act as a featured image and the rest of the images will appear normally.

Android App Blogger Templates

In this section, You can find the app store blogger template. Most people want to create their own app store website in blogger. We need a professional and responsive blogger template which are perfect for the app store. We can get a download button by using bootstraps and Fonts awesome services.

Pure APK

Pure APK is a Responsive, smooth, minimal, and Clean APP store blogger template.  You can use it for your app store website. In this template, You can get many features like a Minimal header search box, sidebar menu, Weekly treading items, Feature posts, a Recently uploaded app, and minimal footer credit. It is totally responsive to any device because it uses bootstraps for making the whole template.

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

Your app logo is the show at the top of the article with some details. the core features of this template like AdSense friendly, number of page navigation, Features game widget, app widget, Breadcrumbs, Google play download button.

Blue APK

Blue APK is another Professional app store blogger template. In this template, You can get a complex mega menu,  animation search button, and profile photo. You can add feature posts in the hero section. It provides a multiple posts section of apps and games. This is Search engine friendly, responsive, fully customizable, Breadcrumbs, SEO Meta tags, etc.

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

That makes your blog more attractive. Blue APK is a responsive and SEO-optimized apps blogger theme, that makes your blog more potential. In this template, we used the big widget, Featured Apps widget, and Featured Games widget. You can download this template for free.

Sure APK

Sure APK is the responsive APP store blogger template. Firstly, the core features of this template like gaming hero section, Font awesome icon, Header drop-down menu, Hero search box, Features app posts, different posts section, sidebar popular posts, etc. In this template, You don't need to add Schema markup code in the body section. It has a google play button and a download button. 

101+ Professional Blogger Templates Download For Free

You can check loading speed from google search console and For SEO you can use google rich result or structure data testing tool. It has an easy admin panel,  related posts, social icons, responsive ad slots, etc. Are you waiting for the best app store blogger template then you can use sure APK blogger template of others in this article?

Sora APP

Sora app is another greatest blogger template for the Andriod app store. In this template, you can get many posts sections to add and display your application in grid or list style. The core features of this theme this is Search engine friendly, responsive, fully customizable,  Ads ready, Feature posts, header social icons, sidebar categories section, smooth slider, and full-width footer section.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

In this template, you can easily place a Google ads unit. It has different sections like sidebar and main section. The loading speed of this template is fast on mobile devices. You can check the speed of this template from Google speed insights.

Fashion Blogger Templates

In this section, you can get fashion-related blogger templates. The template should be related to fashion or any design company. All fashion themes are completely free for personal or commercial purposes. 


Holiday the best fashion and travel blogger templates. This is a very clean and minimal-looking design for a vlog website.  In this template, You can add full-width features hero images. It used recent slide posts, a sidebar about section,. Social share button, and minimal next page button.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

The holiday blogger template provides a very beautiful article page with a simple comment section. It has a beautiful sidebar with subscribe button, popular vlog, and labels.

Cheer up

Cheer up is another beautiful and professional traveling fashion blogger template. It has a beautiful blog section. The core features of this template like Hero section slide posts,  header social icon and link, sidebar recent posts, labels and subscribe button.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

It has a clean blog article page with a social icon and comments. In the article section, you can see all sidebar items appear. In other, This is a fast-loading, responsive, and SEO-friendly blogger template.

Ecommerce Blogger Templates

In This section, you get free affiliation Ecommerce blogger themes.  All the affiliated layouts, designs have matched these templates. You can show the payment method in the footer section, of easy to show you the product,  and price also you can add your items into buckets.


Soracart is the best affiliation blogger template. this template provides everything you need to create your own online store. It automatically added your products into baskets. It also provides a full Payment page where you can pay for your basket products. 

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

This template has multiple buttons and a product section like you can add your own categories items in one section. It has a full-width footer section where you can add different payment details and links.


EasyCart is created by the Sora template. This is another greatest affiliation blogger template. This provides a simple and easy product section where you can show your product, not a different section. It has two main sections like sidebar and main section. Sidebar section where you add your social link, labels, and popular items. And the main section where you can show your product. It also provides a feature posts section.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

It provides a Baskets tool, a View basket page, and a payment page. This template use blogger If the condition which helps to hide the sidebar when you check out the payment page. so, You can add full-width items in the page section.

Health Blogger Templates

Our health is vital, and we place our belief in a plethora of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts every day. Anyway, with so many themes out there, it can be hard to know what to look for. Health blogger template, where you can show you latest health information very clearly and minimalists way. 


Kovid is the professional health advice blogger template. In this template, you can write a health-related blog article. It provides a live updates section which helps to show you the right data at Time. When you refresh or visits this blog you can see animation virus icons on full screen. It provides many widgets like the footer section, FAQ, blog, symptoms, Protects, and live updates section.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

This is a clean and minimal style created by sora templates. The core features of this templateResponsive, SEO-friendly, Google test validation tools, Drop down menu, 404 error page, on-page, HTML5 & CSS3, Clean, etc.


Nubia is another greatest and beautiful health and fitness blogger template. This template is specially created for health blogs. you can write ou health advice by using this template. In this template, you can get a beautiful sidebar that has a drop-down line and logo. It provides a features post with a gradient overlay on top of this template. And the main section of your clean posts is shown in grid CSS styles. 

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

Nubia provides a clean article page with breadcrumb and social icons. Also, you can show your author box where you can describe the author of this website. It has an article sidebar where you add popular posts, labels, and achieve blogger elements. It uses linear gradient color in the sidebar or features post.

Photography Blogger Templates

If you are a designer or photographer and want to make a photography portfolio in a blogger. In this section, you get free photography blogger template.  the main features of this template like Grid items, the About section, the Hero section, and the modern footer.


Freebify is the professional-looking modern blogger template. This template is specially used for photography and graphic design resources. In this template, you can get different SEO packs and schema markup code which helps to rank your blog and product fast. this is the responsive and fully customizable blogger template. 

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

In this template, you can get a header section where you can add your logo and drop-down menu. The core feature of this template like a hero section with the Search box, and heading tags. It also provides a beautiful featured posts section. It has a footer credit section where you add different types of blogger elements like subscribe boxes, popular posts, and labels.

Video Blogger Templates

If you want to make a responsive video website in blogger then this template helps your website as a movie website. You can also add youtube videos and custom videos to blogger. This template provides many movies section where you can add in a systematic way.

Smart tube 

The smart tube is a professional youtube video player blogger template. This is a fully responsive and SEO-friendly blogger template. In this template, you can get many post sections where you can add your video systematically. The core features of this template like different video sections, fast-loading, high-resolution post thumbnail, and a clean interface.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

If you buy the premium version of this template then you don't need to edit HTML and CSS. It provides almost all widgets to customize any element easily. In the free version of this template, you can edit the full template from the blogger layout.

SEO Ready Blogger Templates

In this section, You will see SEO ready Blogger Template. I research about best search engine-friendly blog themes. This template provides all SEO packs and meta content which help search engines like Google, Yahoo, and bing shows your informative results to the user. 

Zamia style

Zamia style is the best blogger template for various core features like smooth slider features posts. This template is specially made by news and magazine blog websites. This template provides multiple blog post sections with a list and grid style.  the main funda of this template like it is a SEO friendly, Ads friendly, Fast loading, fully customizable, meta tags, and responsive design.

101+ Elegant and Premium Blogger Templates Download For Free

This is fully responsive rendering in any device like a tablet, mobile, and desktop. The template is fully responsive, fast loading, and browser compatibility. You can easily set labels in the blog section. In providing beautiful footer section which different animated and quick links.


This is my best blogger template in 2020. If you like any template then you also submit your opinion about this template. If you want to download other blogger templates like the AMP blogger template then visit the Nepali graphics blog.

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