How to Remove Footer Credit Links In Blogger (Easy Steps)

Do You want to remove footer credit in any Blogger Templates. If your answer is yes then read all this article step by Step then Also able to Remove

How to Remove Footer Credit in any Blogger Templates 2021

Blogger is the best platform to start your blog for free. Using any templates or themes in blogger, You need to attribute the developer link in your blog footer section. But, there is one way to remove or edit copyright links easily.

If you are new to the blogger or recently start your website in blogger then you need to learn how to remove footer credits links. Or you don't have any problems attributing the developer links. It is a good thing to attribute developer links.

<p style='text-align:left;'>Copyright (c)  Blog Start Date<a href=''> Your blog name</a> All Right Reseved</p>
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How to Remove Footer Credit Links In Blogger

1. First step is Important and tricky. First Go to Your website. And copy footer text (for example: Design by, Copyright, or other) that you want to remove. 

2. After find footer text, Go to blogger Dashboard. 

3. Go to theme page and click edit HTML Button. 

4. Click on HTML document and press Ctrl + F to open search box. 

5. Paste text that copy from your blog footer. 

6. Then After the your footer text Paste this HTML code. 

7. You can edit your website name, URL and Date easily without redirection problems.