Top Five 2021 Best Passive money making blogging Platform | Nepali Graphics

There is various ways to earn money online. the blogging most popular way to earn additional income in 2020. We can express our ideas.

Top Five 2021 Best Passive money making blogging Platform | Nepali Graphics

There are various ways to earn money online. the blogging most popular way to earn additional income in 2020. We can express our ideas and provide online technology, health, fitness, and news tips, and tricks. 

Many people start to earn money using the blogging platform. But the main reason behind this topic, Which are better blogging Platform to [starting a perfect blog in 2020]

Free or Paid, If You start blogging Free then You Don't get success in blog life. Because, when We start a blog we need a domain and hosting. These two are most important for launching your website live. 

Google provides a free blog in blogger. Only Domain is required to buy, free hosting by the google cloud platform.

WordPress or Blogger and another most important and popular way to start blogging. all the related queries we discuss in this section so, keep patience and read all articles. 
If you miss important points Than you can get success in blogs so, bookmarked this page to get more knowledgeable information.

Best 2020 blogging platform


Blogger is a free blogging platform where you can easily create a simple blog. in which google control, manage, and provide various service in this site. In the year 2019 data, more than 4.4 million people create posts per day wherein 10% of bloggers are active.

According to the major data of bloggers. Most of the beginner's blogs start a blog on blogger websites because it is a free blogging platform and we don't need to invest any money like buy hosting and Domain. Yes, Domain needs to buy in blogger but many creators use a subdomain. 

Some various features and qualities are provided in the blogger. The first things that are important for beginners' blogs because we discuss in the second point also many features are available. Almost we provide discuss all features and drawbacks.

Features of blogger

  • Free subdomain and Lifetime hosting.
  • Better opportunity to learn Blogging for beginners. 
  • Security and Html editing.
  • Google AdSense approval chance.
  • Easy to edit and restore the XML sitemap.
  • Google search console features.
  • Easy to customized layout and functions.

Drawbacks of blogger

  • Lack of fully live customized.
  • No professional-quality blogs templates
  • Disable of Delete account When Unfollow rule and regulation fo blogger.
  • Lack of Table of Content.
  • Not provide blog plugins. 


Joomla is a free content management system which is a short form (CMS). it provides free user-friendly and Mobile friendly readymade websites. Joomla is paid where we can buy Domain, hosting, and plugins in a Dollar.  It provides a special offer to buy these items for in fixed and discount price.

It was written in the PHP language. [110+ million people Download Joomla ]software in pc also available in google chrome extensions so,  easy to add on Google chrome. the initial release in 2005 for a free online content management system.

It provides 10,000 free extensions, If you start your website in Joomla then you can easily customize all functions and use any extension. When open writing posts in Joomla we use multilingual like popular Hindi, English, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, and all over world languages.

It is the most powerful SEO tool so, we can easily find our site in search engines. we provide strong security in Joomla to protect from hackers and other internet malware. 
Easy to use users forum, group, and event so, easy to ask and learn questions and answers. I like this open software for creating a flexible and mobile-friendly website.


WordPress is the most popular site for creating a new and professional site. Everyone starts their own blog or website in WordPress to grow an online business.

Why WordPress better for other content management websites? and why? WordPress help to make professional blogs or websites. all queries we discuss in this article.

What is Wordpress? 

Well, wordpress is the open-source content editing and management system where you can easily publish your articles or any tools live using WordPress. It is written by PHP and MySQL language.

If you start your own website in Wordpress than you need a Domain and Hosting to launch your site live.

What are plugins?

Plugins are simple types of coding that helpt easy to the improvement of web content and features available in the Wordpress site. 

It is grouping working with each other. For example, optimized your use plugins can easily be optimized and reduce image size using a PHP script.

Features of WordPress is a simple and easy point.

If you are a wordpress user then you know about all about the WordPress system and features. for beginners' purposes, we provide basic and advanced features.

  •  Easy to edit layout and add elements just drag-drop.
  • Best content management system.
  • use thousands of plugins for free.
  • Easy to compose posts.
  • Simplicity and Flexibility.
  • Security 
  • Professional templates like generate press and Elementor pro.
  • Better useful for affiliate marketing.
  • Media management properly.

Why wordpress is the most popular for creating professional web pages?

There are various reasons we discuss in these paragraphs. The features of blogger, not provide fully customizable blogging themes. In wordpress, edit any layout, text, image, and products for easy drag-drop. 

More thousand templates are provided in wordpress. the popular theme in wordpress like generate press is used for any marketings like technology, affiliate marketing, content marketing, health, and fitness.

Why? bloggers sift from blogger to wordpress site.

We all know that blogger does not provide professional templates/themes and plugins in bloggers. we can add any extra features in blogger like a table of content, and custom edit of text and image in fix pages. 

so, these reasons behind many people are migrating from bloggers site into Wordpress website. is most popular in 2020 because it is easy to create a site in a simple step by step. the popularity of the Wix site is increase day by day because many affiliate programs are engaged to create affiliate websites in Wix and sell many products daily. 

Is best for personal and business plans because it provides all features and tools that help to increase brands.

I creating in Wix easy and fun. the website asks some important questions to the user about personal and business information. It provides a subdomain in trial than we need to buy a domain and hosting.  

If you start an online selling business and sell a high amount of products then you choose this site or WordPress. I suggest you should use it according to your purpose of business plan and necessary.

Hubpages is my favorite site to create a new article and share our ideas and knowledge with others. It is easy to use and add custom domains. I like its game pages because its collection of all websites of its user show in home pages by grind styles.

The main reason behind that this site is so, easy and anyone can create an account and start to write an article by adding custom domain and profiles. 

There are no templates or themes that can be added and remove because it provides fix own templates that are very responsive and mobile-friendly.


I hope you enjoy learning about all the best online blogging platforms and its comparison. so, you will better learn about the best way to make additional income using a blog platform. 

Please comment in the description with your opinions. You can learn other tips and tricks in my blogs.