2021 On page SEO Technique use To rank Article? 10 + SEO Tools

on-page SEO tools are also known as the on-site SEO which means checking one single page on any web pages. Now, in 2020 different SEO tools introduce

One-page SEO tools as on-site SEO which means checking one page on any web page. Now, in 2020 different SEO tools introduce for the website. Which is better for our website and what types of tools check my websites like the speed of the site, heading, SEO article, backlink, and all blog related problems to check?

Top 10 beginners [on page seo] checker |  analysis | Optimization Tools in 2020

Many people special for beginners don't use an on-page SEO optimizations checker. they only write articles and published. In these cases, many blogs can not grow audience and traffic. I use different tools that are easy to rank on Google.

After learning this article You will be able to:

1. Known about the SEO concept.
2. How to use SEO on the Website.
3. YOU can use the On-Page beginner's level.
5. You Should be Able to know about SEO Tools.
6. Able to Write quality content.
7. Increasing blogging knowledge. 


There are three types of SEO. The first SEO is technical, Off-page SEO, and the third is on-page SEO means inside the website. We relate the SEO to Domain and Hosting, site speed, Navigation bar, performance tech. 

After learning about SEO tips You Should Know About How to blog platforms with a perfect niche and all SEO tips and tricks.

In On-page SEO we control to optimize only individual page both content and HTML codes.  On the page mean that improved the blog quality. if make your blogs fast and user-friendly then you read after the finished article. 

Which tools are better for blogs and which tools are better for which I propose. Every question relates to the on-page SEO you provide in this article. 

What is on-page SEO?

The tools that use to improve website SEO for ranking on top pages on google. the tools can different like keyboard research tools, image optimization tools, content management tools, site designs, and SEO-friendly site maker tools. so, we use this all in blogs. If You want to write SEO friendly article on blogger.

Any article we used to optimize on the search engines. If you are a blogger and you need some blogging tools. 
In WordPress, we improve SEO through different plugging but bloggers do not provide a plugin.
So that, properly research and engage, focus on those tools that provide high-quality SEO tips.

We pay for some tools and some are free, only free tools did not help. We invest some of our pocket money for on-page SEO. After learning on-page SEO You should understand the concept of SEO.

We can quickly and easy to use on-page SEO. Where off-page SEO use when an article does not rank on the search engine, In this case, we create many high-quality backlinks to increase ranking.

I think on-page SEO best then off-page SEO because If we write a high-quality article and we finished all SEO related tricks then google check all article which is user friendly and SEO. I strongly recommend using different analyses available on the internet.

Why on-page SEO is important for Blogs

There are two types of SEO on pages SEO and off-page SEO. off-page SEO is used for increasing traffic but o page SEO both increases quality and audience on Page.

Every blog creator uses these SEO tools. making quality and quantity websites which more users friendly and everyone wants to use and gains knowledge from this website.

Any blogging should be useful for the Audience and readable. There are various pages of SEO tips that should implement.

How to optimize blog by on-page SEO Tools

Write an article in notepad or ms word because it was easy to create and no plagiarism.


Rearrange paragraph use of heading, subheadings like H1, H2, H3, H4, and Other.


Use Bold, italic, and underline and highlight some important information provided to users. 

Complete meta descriptions of the article.

Use Grammarly extension to help better understand language with no mistake of paragraphs.

Use Internal link with each relates post.

Add next-generation quality images.

Reduce image size under 50KB.

Add customer permalink and create labels.

The article should be more than 15oo to 1800 words where it also called a complete article.

Properly write the article step by step.

Best On-page SEO Tools

There are 1000+ more tools are available on the Internet with some are software, and websites. But In This article, we learn about the best online tools ever most popular in 2020 which are the blogs use. 

Google Search console

Google search console is very important for every blogging where the website touched in WordPress or blogger. Without the Google search console our article not index on the google search engine. It provides by google for bloggers. 

For beginners should understand How google webmaster works?. It means that Google search console which is the original name is webmaster tools.
Google helps to index, enhancement, and provide security and privacy of blogs. Its web service where increases visibility and prompt. We easy to maintain our article and we can check the structure of all articles. 

If You use FAQ schema on Your posts, then you can check everything he provides by testing the Site URL.

How to add and verified our website?

1. Go to the Google search console site. 
2. If you have Domain then Enter your Domain. Otherwise, You 3. use the subdomain use URL prefix.
4. Verified your ownership of Your website.
5. After some days Your site traffics is seen in the google search console.
6. Now You can check Your site speed and performance.

Features of Google search console

1. Check the speed and performance of the site.
2. Add a sitemap.
3. Provide useful instructions about images and content.
4. New request on posts indexing.
5. TO see post structures.
6. Total web click and bounce rate.
7. Google speed insights 


Ubersuggest is most popularly known as the keyword research tools for free. it the best online tool to find all keywords and their search volume. It is the free tool to find the keyword and use it as a long tail word. 

Neil Patel who is the Founder of Uber suggests. He is the best successful digital marketer and web analysis. His Website analysis tools are to provide very much information about website SEO. He also works in SEO. Different SEO tips we learn from this site.

To make different ideas about the content it helps to find different subtopics and granted more suggestion keywords to make a long article.

Features of Ubersuggest

  • Show total search volume, paid difficulty, SEO difficulty, and CPC.
  • Provide many long-tail keywords.
  • both free and paid offers.
  • Computer or Mobile which one is more search volume show in the graph.
  • Easy to use, just sign up with google.

Google analytics

I Know it very important to collect real-time traffics on site.  Google analytics help to overviews monthly active users. IT is the best way to find which article is more users and how we find ideas about SEO tips.

In our blog, we need to get organic from the UK and America. we see real-time and which country visit more times. it is free services we easily add our website into Google analytics, Just follow some step b steps.

We provide user impressions, and How long do users on my website, and what is the traffic of my website for weeks. It takes accurate information on our site.

It is most necessary for on-page SEO. You can watch a video on YouTube How to add our website into google analytics. There are many features available for Google analytics to optimized pages.


Ahrefs is keyword researching tools for paid versions only.  It is best to know as SEO and site analysis tools. special it is used to find perfect blogging posts title and their effects for any website.

It provides all information about CPC, search volume, all related keyboard, and get all SEO and paid difficult in real-time. All the data related to google searches and find a low competition keyword, explorer what people search on google? and also provide long-tail words.

Start 7 day's free trial: Enroll Now

You access all services related to SEO and keyword finder, Site analysis, checklist everything you do in this but you pay monthly $199 if you choose standard ahrefs services. If you use life then monthly $99 only.

The Biggest company like Facebook, Adobe, Uber, Pinterest use this site. It tracks ranking progress, analysis website, and finds competitions.

Website SEO checker

Website SEO checker is free web chrome extensions use for audit any site. The key features of a website SEO checker in toto provide all SEO improve the guide and provide all side issues and critical problems for any site.

It is an on-page SEO checker tool. It can check all visibility on-site like title, description, Image, URL, content check, speed of the site, and find technical SEO optimizations. 

There are various tools provide to users like traffic checker, website rank checker, backlink tracker,  free backlink checker. It manages all permissions to google analytics of google.
Use SEO checker extensions on your site: SEO Audit
The official site of SEO checker name SEO checker


Grammarly is the master of spelling checker because of every mistake we do in compose articles. He finds any wrong words and automatically improves. When it is use beginners also write the article without mistake any unused words.

It is a free and paid tool. With free, it does better perform as early blogs. If You Buy premium versions, then it can get unlimited features for outstanding posts.

In the case's must, we make some grammar mistakes like pronouns, an incomplete sentence, spelling incorrect, complex, and choice sentences. 

When you use premium versions of Grammarly, then it corrects all writing issues and makes incorrect forms.  It highlights all incorrect form order form sentences. improve syntax and verbs quickly and fast.

I use it offline and online. We use Grammarly extensions to easily add-in online and it guides all spells. If You download offline Grammarly software, then it can use on ms word and other texts compose software.

Add Grammarly extension on your computer: Click Here
Download Grammarly for Free on Your computer offline: Press here

SEO crawler

If you wait to use many tools on one website, then the SEO crawler is very helpful for You. It provides SEO crawler multiple tools like SEO checker, site audit, backlink checker, competition inspection, and keyword finder. 

Do you want to boost your websites then these tools help to grow to business fast in a low budget per month charge? this site does not charge like ahrefs. IF you want to make more traffics and visitors though find actual data from Google.

Use this site for free: Click here

Features of SEO crawler in the Following Points:

  • Track  the backlink in real-time
  • monitors the website's success.
  • Increase search in ranking
  • Improve the quality of the site due to the SEO checker.
  • Find low competition keywords on google search.
  • fast and secure site.
  • Provide backlinks and broken links from the site.

Short pixel

Shortpixel is the image reducer site for free. There are many problems seen in bloggers when using images. if we use more than 100kb. Then the speed of the site is shown but use in low quality and low KB image properly not see on the website. the website quality decrease due to the use of a low-quality image.

Short pixels help to reduce 90% of image size without and wasting image quality. Everyone uses this website, special blogger, and WordPress blog use to maintain site and image quality.

This website optimized image around 230,000 sites and 190,000 users use. If you have a blogging site or image site then a short pixel is the best choice to remove unnecessary parts from the image without impact the image.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the best SEO master ever. He is a successful English entrepreneur professor of SEO and online marketing creates a website name, Neil Patel from this site we analyze our site for free. he starts a youtube channel to provide all online marketing tips.

Millions of users audit and check their own blogging site. If you want to check what SEO problem on the website without any cost. The main focus of Neil Patel is to increase organic traffic through SEO tips.

Visit Neil Patel site and analysis your site for free

FAQ for  On-page SEO

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the improved quality and quantity of a website by using all tools relates to page SEO. When we use on-page SEO then site visibility in google's first pages.

What are the on-page SEO tools?

The tools like ahref, google keyboard planner, on-site checker, short pixel, and Grammarly.  this helps all about SEO relates to problems.


On-page SEO checklist

The audit of our site and provide all information about title, metatags, contents SEO, images, speed, and performance in one checklist.

What on-page SEO Does?

Well, It does many things that improve and maintain visibility on google sites. to rank any article we use the first method on-page SEO. If posts not rank then we create many backlinks to increase visitors. Visit our site


I hope you understand about on-page SEO tools use for blogging. I proviso you to success in your blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. make sure you use some tools and some not use because some are paid tools and free. so, visit my site. Click here