How to write SEO friendly article on blogger posts for beginners?

Why we need to write SEO friendly articles on blogger posts? Well, it is necessary to rank blogger posts and good results for google sites.

How to write SEO friendly article on blogger posts for beginners?

Do you know about SEO friendly article? If you Don't Have knowledge about Seo-friendly articles, Read all these articles for you also able to create good and responsive posts in blogger. 

Almost 50% of people fail Due to Low keyboard used in posts and difficult and unused posts. Why we write SEO friendly articles on bloggers? Well, To rank an article on google's site. Our posts article should Responsible for and Get good results on Google news.

SEO( Search engine optimization)

It means that increases the Quality and quantity of blog traffic through SEO. 

There is two way to increase visitors in our webpages such as SEO and Sem Advertising. But SEO is free and we can not pay any amount of money.

Promoting our website through paid advertising on Facebook, Youtube, and website pages are called SEM. The SEM engine marketing is the full form of SEM Where any article and video show is the first page. Learn about search engine marketing. Click here.

These are very important tips and tricks to help rank and increase organic traffic in blogger posts. SEO which indexes in google zero position. 

For example When one people search for any topic and get information on the first website link. He/she should be into the first link because almost all SEO friendly articles provide in this article. 

The most popular blogging Who is ranking almost first positions. This website created by a Hindi blogger and really this blog

Write SEO friendly article 

Also, Backlink is very important to increase real-time visitors to our website. Learn about Backlink and which Website use for crate Do follows backlink. Click Here.

How to Write SEO friendly article in blogger?
The article in the blogger should be readable and use the unique keyboard for providing better quality to Visiting in our blogger. When writing good articles in blogger you should be known about the Following Points: 

Generating blogger posts Title

The first post title is required to write an article in blogger posts. where we can find titles online or offline. A website which provides related search title on One topic. 

The title must be relevant and SEO friendly and low competition words. A keyboard planner is the best way to find a low competition keyboard for blogger articles. 

SEOpressor: Click here
Title-generator: Press it
Uber suggest: Click here
Ahrefs: Click here

Use do-follow backlinks

Do follow backlinks help promote organic visitors on our site. Do follows backlink redirect other websites into our webpage. generally, backlinks are two types do-follow and no-follow backlinks. Many websites provide to create an article and add a blog link 🔗.

The most popular website and high authority and get a do-follow backlink and if you learn about Backlink submissions websites please Click this link. 

Google site etc.

Generate subtitles which easy to write articles.

Subtitles easy to create more 1000 word articles in simple steps. Google prefers and we can generate more ideas about the blog topic. I always make 10 + more subtitles that are easy to write SEO-friendly articles and users can easily readable.

For example, when I write an article about Seo and I generate more and more subtitles like what is SEO? importance of SEO in blog, write SEO friendly article, SEO full form. 

Use different text editing Tools.

Text editing tools such as Bold, Italics, Underlines, Large, billet, Aligned is the best tools for simplified text. The title of the article should use bold and large and underlines and Italians the paragraphs which are easy to read.

Create more Interlinks in posts.

Internal links increase internal traffics under the blog. Any person visits our blog and visitors click on any link redirects to our website. 

Add permalink

Permalink is the link to the blogger article where see in the web address bar. Seo-friendly URLs help to get more organics traffics. The main words from blogger article titles used to create rights permalink. 
If You did not set permalinks in blogger automatically taken titles permalinks that are not SEO friendly and low ranking.

Meta descriptions 

Article descriptions for an article are used to know about google what an article about? The meta tag must be 110 and less than 155 which are more chances to the rank article in positions.

When we complete writing an article some important parts of our article should copy and paste into the search descriptions side.

Table of content

When you write large articles on the blogger table of content help to find a heading list that easily read contents. 

If you learn about how to create a table of content in blogger because blogger does not provide any plugin only coding method used in blogger. WordPress gets the table of the content plugin which easily creates.