What is computer Ram? Different between Ram and Rom in 2021

Ram Stands for random access memory which is fundamental needs in the computer. It is also known as temporary data storage in a computer.

What is computer Ram? Different between Ram and Rom in 2021

Ram Stands for "random access memory" which is fundamental needs in the computer. It is also known as temporary data storage in a computer. 

Ram plays an important role to faster in computer. without ram, the computer cannot run. 

What is Ram?

In simple Word,  Ram uses in all devices like mobile, computer, and also in the smartwatch.  Ram helps to better run computer data easily.  

Ram is the way to access any data in computer display for better performance. generally, it stores data temporarily which increases the speed of PC.

Ram can be used in short term memory Where your files, image, video, and folder 📂 only open through ram.  In the computer, we can easily increase ram but in mobile and laptop not available exchange.

When In computer, Open photoshop software. The computer gives more speed when ramming in more than 8 GB or more. If less than 4GB they take more minutes to open or not responding.

Every computing device has a ram.  To loading any applications ram store some data to create eco friendly in computer disk. In this article, we will explain the ram and related topics which are very important for any computer users.

Types Of Ram 

There are two types of ram: Dynamic ram and static ram. Now we explain this briefly.

DRAM  ( Dynamic random access memory)
SRAM ( Static random access memory)

Dynamic Ram

DRam which is first introduced in 1969 AD.  It is widely used is the main memory of the computer. 

Each dram cell made up of transistors and capacitors. The bit stored forms of charge. Let it explain in the following points:

  1. The smallest unit of Dram is MOScell.
  2. Use as MOSFET technology.
  3. High Access in time therefore it is slow.
  4. It required refreshing circuits.
  5. Inexpensive.
  6. Bit stored in form of charge.
  7. Small power decipation.
  8. It is used in the main memory.

Static Ram

Thusly, SRAM is quicker yet in addition to increasingly costly, making DRAM the more common memory in PC frameworks. The comprised of four to six transistors. 

It keeps information in the memory insofar as force is provided to the framework, not at all like DRAM, which must be invigorated occasionally.

  1. Bit stored in the form of voltage
  2. The small unit of SRAM is the flip-flop
  3. Use mos and BIPOPAL technology.
  4. Low access time therefore it is faster.
  5. large power decipation.
  6.  It doesn't require refreshing the circuit.
  7. Used as cache memory.

How much Ram needs on the computer?

There is the main question about ram how much ram needs for video editing and graphics designing. Every people want to buy perfect 👌 ram for making computer faster and easy to use advanced software like photoshop, premiere pro and other. 

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The requirement of Ram according to different purpose are given below in the table:


Minimum requirements

Fully recommended

Video editing

16 GB

More than 64 GB

Web designing

4 GB

8 GB or More

Graphical design

8 GB

16, 32, or more

Simple workings

2 GB

8 GB Or choice

What ram do on a computer?

Ram plays an important role to run any software, applications. Ram store some part of cache data from run any files. Not hard disk help to store data.

Note: There is an important part of computer CPU, hard disk, and Ram, They interrelated work with each other. First hard disk store all data on the computer. When we open any software data from hard disk go to ram and CPU create output and You can see on the screen.

How to buy ram for the computer?

The ram should buy after known about some logical information. Now I provide some tips and Trick and also You can buy quality ram as well as faster for your motherboard.

There are many rams and You should read all article and follows guideline which rams perfect for my computer.

Check the frequency of the ram. Required voltage and motherboard will accept a certain frequency.

Different between RAM and ROM

  1. ROM stands for read-only memory which stores all data on the computer.
  2. It is located on the motherboard.
  3. It is part of the BIOS ROM.
  4. It is divided into four types _- ROM, EROM, EPROM, EEPROM.
  5. It allows us to run games and applications.
  6. It is the primary storage device.
  7. It read the image, video, files, software, etc.
  8. It is a non-volatile memory.