Everything You need to Known about HTTP and HTTPS | Full Definition

HTTPS and HTTP is an important part of the Internet. Every website has its own HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol secure ๐Ÿ”

Everything You need to Known about HTTP and HTTPS | Full Definition

HTTPS and HTTP is an important part of the Internet. 

Every website has its own HTTPS stands for Hypertext transfer protocol secure which means protect all personal data. 

Any user read an article on internet security called HTTP and when a person accesses other privacy and personal data. HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol. 

Protocol standard set of rules and regulations that control the define the network structure is called a protocol.  

The popular protocol associated with the Global network structure.  the internet structure is possible because of the popular association.

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Full form of HTTPS and HTTP

What is HTTP?

HTTP which means secure site stands for hypertext transfer protocol extensions of HTTP. Users can provide separates knowledge which out any hacking of personal data and privacy. 

I use it to securely communicate with each other. Different browsers used HTTP like chrome and Firefox which most popular ways to use The Internet.  

The first HTTPS introduce in 1995 by Netscape communications which highly beneficial for user experience. 

I use it for SSL protocol. The meaning of SSL stands for a secure sockets layer that is used to encrypting the channel between clients or servers.

What is HTTPS?

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol that directs the web pages on internet structure and the web location specified on Uniform locator.

HTTP is not secure for any website. google not recommended HTTP because it not completely not a security because all data easily hack because of insecure transfer of web data to it is the user. Learn other computers and Internet tips.

It a messenger of web pages. The HTTP is the application layer protocol that allows web-based applications to communicated web data. It is the TCP / IP based protocol.

What are the differences Between HTTPS and HTTP?


  1. Https introduced in 1995
  2. Https mean secure any web pages
  3. Netscape communications who discover HTTPS protocol
  4. It is good for Google Absence
  5. HTTPS adds encryption, authentication, and Integrity 
  6. Certifications requirement 
  7. Https stands for the hypertext transfer protocol
  8. HTTPS required for money transaction websites
  9. IT is complete security any hackers cannot hack sites


  1. HTTP introduced in 1997
  2. HTTP means not a secure site
  3. Tim Berners Lee who discover Http
  4. Google absence does not give approval  in the HTTP protocol
  5. No encryption 
  6. No Certifications required
  7. HTTP stands for the Hypertext transfer protocol
  8. HTTP used for general blogs or web pages 
  9. The hackers easily hack HTTP site 

Why HTTPS required for any websites

HTTPS means a secure site where any people to get information without any hack of personal data. HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to secure connect servers to users.  

How to check the site are secure or not. This is easy to check, Just see in Browser URL and begin With "HTTPS" and "HTTP".  

If the site is HTTP, The site is not secure but Https, the site is completely secure.

Many sites like Google, Wikipedia, Quora, Youtube, and others have SSL certified. the major required for Https We learn about the following point:

User Information Protects:

Any users visit Our website secure which helps to a better way to secure user information.  For this reason, HTTPS is used on every website.  Many hackers hack every second, Avenge 89 Website visits per person in one month. In some cases, many user privacy hacks due to HTTPS.

The safe connections between servers to users must be HTTPS. Users can easily visit any website without any risk. Now more and more people known about Https and Http and which site secure. 

Secure personal data And privacy

How HTTPS works? The websites provide an SSL Certificate to make encrypted data which converts data into code.

The most popular web browser like chrome and firefox, They Indicate show the site is secure or not. Any user can notice the Secure icon.

The User does not trust if HTTPS is not available on Your site. HTTPS can help to securely transfer data from servers to users by using the internet.

Secure Icon Help to increase the traffic of many websites because many users trust and acceptable and visit your site.  In 2018 Google ads redirects HTTP site into HTTPS website automatically. Now many sites secure separately. 

If your Website or blog is Http then google not give your site Google ads approval. Every web pages have an SSL certificate. HTTPS sites use in google analytics to effective websites. 

HTTPS is very important for SEO in blogger. Http not index in google analytics because Your site referred to an HTTPS site where google automatically redirects to the HTTPS site.

  1. How to enable HTTPS in any websites
  2. Find SSL certificate 
  3. To install the SSL certificate
  4. To Verified ownership in the google search console
  5. TO update Sitemap
  6. To create robots.txt file
  7. To add the website into Google analytics
  8. Enable redirect HTTP into HTTPS.


Make sure You learn about HTTP and HTTPS. now finally You should enable HTTPS on your site we should notice the following point because this is important for SEO and Google ads also ranking. 

HTTPS helps to secure the site and google also recommended redirecting the HTTP site into the HTTPS website. If You have an HTTP site then you are data and privacy keeps safe.

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