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Top NEW Features Adobe Photoshop cc 2022

Adobe just released the latest photoshop cc 2022, 23.0.0 version. This new version of photoshop contains many features and update to new tools. All bu


The Basic to Advanced CMD Commands List Under Windows

What is Command Prompt? The command prompt, also known as CMD, is a command-line interpreter that is available for the Windows operating system. You ca


How to Setup React JS Project in Visual Studio Code?

We are going to install and set up React JS project file in vs code. React JS is a popular Javascript library used to build single-page user interface


The Best Budget Graphic Design Laptops Under $1000 in 2021

G raphic design laptops in the sub $1000 range can give you the performance you need for heavy design projects, but you still want a reliable notebook


Top 5 Unique Website to Find Design inspiration

When starting to create something like Logo, Illustrations, and UX design, we need to get inspire and generate new ideas from other designs. Must of b


Top 4 Brilliant Website for Color Schemes

Color is the most important element of your webpage. W hen You design your website or application, the color palette of your website is a top priority.